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Thread: What did your kicks feel like

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    Default What did your kicks feel like

    Just a general question, to see how everyone describes there first kicks/movements...

    I had flutters a few times from 18-20 weeks, and have been experiencing light kicks that feel like a little tap on the inside of my tummy!!! it's so good can't wait for the full on ouch ones!!!

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    Sal Guest


    at about 14w it felt like little bubbles

    at 18w it felt like a tickley bit of wind

    ...hehehe you say now you can't wait for the full-on ouch ones, but as bubs kicks your lungs and stomach you might rue typing that!

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    Yep.. little bubbles or pressure on the inside of your skin..

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    I think that I started to get mine around 18wks - I think it felt like the little tic that you can sometimes get in your eye...but in your tummy.
    Congratulations on feeling the first kicks! It's so special and really lets you know that your baby is growing inside you

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    Lorin Guest


    Mine felt like spasms at first but last night well acually this morning at 4:30 i got woken up too but nice firm kicks which acually felt like there is something in my belly doing somersults. I knwo there is a little baby but it acually feels like it now, my bubs must be on the move getting to know its surroundings.
    So i woke my partner up and he could feel them too, it was the first time for the both of us to be able to feel it on the outside of tummy. I have been feeling inside movements from about 16 weeks i am 19 weeks now Yahoo almost half way

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    Fraser Guest


    mine were more like flutterings or movement of wind on the inside but in a different place than normal! It felt like that excited feeling you get sometime when something great is about to happen - I'm getting the full on kicks and moves now but I still get that feeling of excitement in the pit of my stomach - probably from pressure but it's such a great feeling!
    Haven't had any ouchy ones yet, but certainly many weird movements and it's true it does look like that scene out of Aliens - your stomach contorting and moving around - but it is exciting! Got to have a play with a foot this morning that was poking out - just ran my finger over it - so weird

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    First movements i felt were at around 14 weeks and the only way i can describle it is like a tickleing sensation inside your tummy. Now they are full on thumps!

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    maggie Guest



    Hi, i am preg with my 1st.

    1st flutters at 16weeks, then from 20w i have been getting the odd kick

    I am 23w now, and DH has no hope of feeling them, they always stop by the time i can get him to come feel, also i cant feel from the outside either

    People are lucky when they can feel earlier on.

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    At 12 weeks they felt like bubbles and then around 16 weeks they felt like little tapping inside of my belly then later on they felt like little punches. Hiccups are funky to feel as its a constant jumping feeling in your tummy.

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