thread: What do I need to get??

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    Melinda Guest

    What do I need to get??


    I was just wondering if anybody has put together a 'list' of some description of what baby essentials they need. I've tried to put together a list of things that we will need myself, but keep thinking I've missed something or that perhaps I need more of this and less of that IYKWIM? Has anybody else developed lists or can offer some insight into things we need and how many?


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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    Hi Tootie,

    My DH and I put this list of things together from various websites/other peoples suggestions etc.

    We have by no means bought everything on the list, but it did give us food for thought........

    Baby Capsule (to 9kg or 70cm)
    Window Shades
    Convertible Car Seat (to 18 kg)
    Baby Car Toys
    Baby On Board Sign
    Seat Protector
    Baby View Mirror
    Capsule Liner Set
    Change Table
    Change Mat
    Chest of Drawers
    Glider Rocker Chair
    Listening Monitor
    Breast Pads
    Breast Pump
    Milk Storage Bags
    Powder Milk Container ?
    Steam Steriliser
    Bottle Warmer
    Bottle Brush
    High Chair
    High Chair Toys
    Pram Liner
    Pram Sheep Skin?
    Insect Net
    Rain Cover
    Pram Toys
    Carry Pouch
    Baby Bag
    Pram Sun Shade
    Muslin Wraps
    Sangenic Nappy Disposal
    Nappy Bucket
    Bath Stand
    Bath support?
    Bath Toys
    Bouncer / Rocker
    Playpen & Mat
    Bassinette / Baby Hammock
    Bassinette Mattress
    Cotton Sheets
    Mosquito Net
    Breathing Monitor
    Snugglebed ?
    Spare Covers
    Mattress Protectors
    Breathing Monitor
    Cot ?
    Cot Mattress
    Mattress Protectors
    Cotton Sheets
    Anti Roll ?

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    Melinda Guest

    Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for that list!!


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    What a great list! I've printed it out and placed it on the fridge for DH & I to go through when we have some time!


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    Okay Tootie

    You asked for it.... LOL. This is our list and we found we didnt' need anything when Kameron was born. I did a list of A to Z lol it also helped when ppl asked what i needed I could show them the list of what we had already so they new what NOT to get. Some stuff we got more off after Kameron was born like rugs bottles etc.

    Should just add where the clothes say various sizes most where either 000's or 00's

    Baby Monitor
    Baby Wipes - stacks & stacks
    5 Bunny Rugs
    Bottles - 1 x 150ml 2 x 250ml
    Bottle Brush Cleaner and teat Cleaner
    Baby Bath
    10 Bibs (small) 18 Bibs (large)
    3 pair Bassinet sheets
    Bath toys
    Bath Toy Tidy
    2 bottles Bath Wash
    Breast Pump
    Bottle Sterilizer

    Car Seat
    Car Capsule (on loan)
    Change Mat
    2 pair Cot Blankets
    43 Clothes Hangers (baby size)

    2 x Melamine Dinner Sets

    8 x Baby Flannels

    Kapoochi baby carrier pouch

    2 x 250ml Nappy change lotion
    3 x 200ml Massage Lotion

    Mattress Protector (bassinet)
    2 x Musical things that play lullabys
    Mosquito Net (although never used it)

    36 x Cloth Nappies
    1kg x Napisan
    3 x nappy bags (50 per box)
    6 x nappy liners (100 per box)
    6 x nappy pins
    2 x Snappi Nappi
    1 x Box 20 of Nursing Pads
    1x pkt Snuggles disposables
    1x pkt Huggies disposables
    Nappy Bag
    Night Light

    Pram toy thing that stretches across Pram (also can be used in cot)
    Pilchers - 9 x 000 & 4 x 00
    Polar Fleece Blanket
    Baby Powder - 1 x 600g, 1 x 200g, 1 x 400g


    Soap Flakes - LUX
    3 x Squeaky Toys
    7 x baby soap
    1 x baby shampoo
    Sleeping Bag

    2 x extra Teats
    2 x baby towels

    Clothes wise (knitted or hand made)
    15 x booties various sizes
    1 x bonnet (hat)
    11 x cardigans
    4 x jackets
    8 x jumpers
    1 x mittens
    3 x pants
    1 x pilchers
    1 x shorts
    3 x matinee jackets with booties + bonnets
    2 x overalls
    tshirt, short and sunhat set x 2

    Clothes - brought
    1x short romper
    1 x AFL Baby Set
    9 x booties
    1 x bonnet
    6 x growsuits various sizes
    1 x hat
    2 x pants
    2 x shorts
    2 x sleepwear
    3 x socks
    11 x singlets various sizes
    2 x body suits
    1 x fleece jacket
    2 x tanktops
    1 x fleece pants

    Have fun !!

    Love :smt049

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    OMG! There is so much to get. Luckly I've already started!

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    Orkids Guest

    arghhhh - these lists should be banned - they're far to scary!!!

    I dont really have much, our parents bought us some clothes, bunny rugs etc. I need to get my bum into gear and organise a painter to do the nursery, then I'll think about it.

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    If it helps any I found it easy to purchase things you would need to use regularly like nappy wipes, baby shampoo etc everytime i went shopping. Just one or two things in the shopping trolley each week soon built up the collection.

    On the weeks I had a bit of extra money I would buy something a bit more expensive like a growsuit or singlets.

    Love :smt049

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Thats what I've been doing... every shop I buy something for baby & for me like maternity pads, nappies, baby shampoo & lotion, nappy liners etc... stuff that you know you will need a lot of over the next year... so I just have bought up... I think I have all the maternity pads/nursing pads I will need for a months... and I have around 100 nappies of different sizes mostly new born, but I have been buying up something every shop to be sure we aren't hit with something huge at one time...


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    If you are going to be breast feeding. Washable nursing pads are great. I found I was changing disposables quite often and felt like I was just throwing money into the bin so to speak. They are expensive but worth it.

    Love :smt049

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    Melinda Guest

    Forgive me if this sounds like a stupid question, but I'm just interested in finding out who uses cloth nappies and who uses disposables and why?

    I feel like my mind is in a real spin over certain parenting issues (and all the things here about what to buy etc!) and I really want to make sure that we make the right decisions for our family based on our circumstances IYKWIM, hence me asking this question!


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    Hi Tootie

    I used cloth nappies till Kameron was 18mths old. The reason behind this was I stopped work when I was 4.5mths pregnant as being casual I was in and out of jobs all the time and it was becoming stressful. Anyhow lol it meant we were pretty strapped for cash and couldn't comprehend throwing money into disposable nappies every week when cloth was available to use.

    It meant I had to purchase Napisan, Lux flakes and nappy liners and wash every 2nd day with nappies soaking daily but it just seemed to save so much money. As nappy liners could be washed too and I'd get 4 or 5 nappy changes out of one liner. (the better ones).

    We did have disposables on hand for when we went out, so we didn't have to carry around a dirty cloth nappy with us. Also Andrew wasn't very good at cloth nappies and would resort to a disposable when he got mad at trying to do it up

    Oh should add with the next one I will be doing the whole cloth thing again.


    Love :smt049

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    Life Member

    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    Hey Tootie,

    We were in the same boat of indecision as you over the cloth v disposbale thing.

    DH is very "green", so has real issues of water usage in relation cloth / biodegradability of disposbales, so the debate went on for months!

    In the end (and we shall see how we go over the next few weeks/months!) we have opted for "both". From looking at a lot of other Mums & babies up here in Darwin, cloth seems to be a preference: becasue of the heat and humidity, they say that cloth is better for babies bots, and also there are no concerns over water shortages because of all the rain! However, my DH sounds like a bit like Kathryn's......not very dexterous when it comes to cloth, so we have some disposables at the ready for him, and for "going out".

    It'll be interesting to see which method ends up proving to be the winner.........

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    Jen Schuster Guest

    OMG - information overload

    Thanks for the lists guys - it is all starting to get a little scary though - LOL

    Love Jen

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Well, this is our list, put together from family (this is the tenth grandchild, and I'm the 7th child, so lots of first hand experience there) and websites. This was customised for us, ie we don't have a car, so there isn't a capsule etc on here. Also, a lot of the things we would need, we have already at the property we'll be moving to in a few years, so we have alternatives for now: portacot instead of crib/cot, changing pad instead of full table.

    eBay is good for cheap clothing and second hand stuff, most things are ok second hand if you give them a good wash, or check out that they are structurally sound. My mum got us heaps of things at her local op shop.

    So here goes. Things with a question mark behind them are things that are optional, but would make life easier. Bear in mind, this is just the basic essentials, and once you have everything, and you still have time and money left over, you'll find you might want to buy other stuff as well, or double up to save washing.

    Blankets/sheets/plastic liner sheets (quantity depends on how often you want to wash)
    Tetra snuggle bed ?
    Changing pad
    Cupboard/chest of drawers
    Baby bath/ large tub
    Bath thermometer ?
    Towels (esp hooded) and wash clothes
    36 cloth nappies (flannel for newborn, terry toweling for older baby)
    Nappy ties/pins
    2 nappy buckets
    Nappy covers (pilchers)
    Nappy bag
    Baby sling ?
    Stroller (or combo of above)
    Clip on high chair (we went for this over an ordinary high chair, so Brandon could eat with us at the table straight away)
    Burping rugs
    Bunny rugs
    6-8 stretch suits (wondersuits) 3-4 0000, 3-4 000
    4 vests (sleeveless, legless all-in-ones)
    2-3 pairs socks/ booties
    2-3 cardigans

    According to my family, you will get plenty of toys, so there's no need to buy these things yourself, especially if you are on a very tight budget as we are. I think we have everything bar 2 or 3 items off this list. Never underestimate the power of family. Alright, most of it's second hand, but to date we've spent $9, 8 of that on postage, for a bundle of clothing, (more than what's on the list, but the list is just essentials, and I'll be doing enough washing with nappies anyway) and $65 on a set of drawers that DP needed anyway, and will be sharing with Brandon.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi there, just bumping this up so you can have a read of what we talked about earlier in the year!

    I have found I didn't need as much as was on the list, but I found most of them to be pretty helpful in buying up beforehand!!

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    kaza_85 Guest

    that list will come in handy.
    I had no idea what to buy.

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Just gone through these lists again & realised there are quite a few things I hadn't thought of!!

    Thanks guys