thread: What position is the baby in? Stupid Question???

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    What position is the baby in? Stupid Question???

    Ok this is probably really stupid but I have been thinking about this since my scan on Monday. They couldn't find the heartbeat with a doppler but on the scan it's clearly there. Just lying right down the bottom, basically with it's back lying right down as far as you can imagine. I read in a book in a bookshop about fundul height and stuff (my uterus isn't very high yet), that if the baby is this way then the uterus won't be so high up (which figures I guess). Does the baby usually sit sideways though? Not sure if this is a really stupid question, but any input would be appreciated! Ob said it all looked fine, just curiosity I guess.

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    Yep, bubs can certainly lie sideways! It is called transverse lie!

    Mine does it quite often too.

    Nothing to worry about and certainly not a stupid question!

    Also, seeing as you are only just over 14 weeks, it can still be hard to hear the heartbeat with a doppler. It will become easier and easier from now on!

    Best wishes and ask away!! Nothing is a stupid question on Bellybelly!

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    Thanks heaps Kelli. The little rascal is just being lazy I reckon! Explains it a bit for me.

    Anyone else have this?

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

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    Soph, my baby (oooh I like the sound of that!) is layingacross with it's feet in my left hip socket really, across the front of my belly!
    The Sonographer said that's why I can feel pressure in my hip.....
    It is all normal...

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    Also, you say your fundal height isn't high yet. Doctors don't usually measure your fundal height until at least 16 weeks. Something to do with that fact that they can't feel your uterus or something before then.

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    Tegan - yeah sorry what I actually meant was really being able to feel my uterus 8-[