thread: What are you craving?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005

    What are you craving?

    I'm sure there have been heaps on topics on this but it needs a new thread methinks!!!

    I am so madly in love with:

    Salad (although this is always the case with me, its just more so now)
    Stuffed green olives
    Oranges yummmmmmmmm
    Yum Cha - i cannot get enough

    What are you craving my lovelies???

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    Hi there

    My cravings are odd as once i seem to eat a specific food that's it - i no longer feel like it....

    at the begginning it was bacon - ate it and haven't felt like it since - then it changed to Suimin cup noodles - my DH bought me 6 i ate 1 and made him hide the rest (they made me feel like vomiting after that) - other than that I've only craved healthy foods - fruit (which I haven't eaten since i was 10 and mum made me) and heaps of salads.....NO JUNK FOOD DESIRES - which makes me LOL cause i was hoping for some bizarre stuff....

    OH just remembered - at the beginning when i was feeling my absolute worst - 6 green apples a day made me feel better - crazy i know - it had to be 6!!


    Di O

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    My cravings were from early on in first tri it was fruit as it was all I could stomach.Then spicy food, the hotter the better.Fried eggs and mushroom.Curried pies 8-[ , went through a KFC binge but after a month or so I fet sick when I ate it!Oranges and starburst chews!Now it seems like I have the odd craving for sweet things like chocolate which is odd for me as I'm not a chocolate person at all!Oh I also had big cravings for pringles!

    Don't really have any cravings anymore.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
    Limestone Coast, SA

    Its only early days for me but so far i am craving chicken and spinach, wierd huh!?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Oct 2004
    Back in Brisvegas :)

    *L* I had a brief craving for KFC at about 10wks pregnant, possibly because I was so sick and for some reason greasy stuff occasionally sat ok in my stomach.

    Haven't had huge cravings (ie. to the point of sending DH out at 2am in the morning! *L*) but I think what I want to eat & drink (soft cheeses - blue vein on crackers; toasted ham sandwiches, salami on bread, rum'n'coke) is mostly because I know I'm not supposed to! *L* Only thing I touched recently (since I fell pg) on that list is ham and then I got chest pains.

    Meanwhile, I would LOVE some chicken sushi; and also am wanting a HUGE well-done steak.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005

    Cherries cherries and more cherries!

    Grapes, leafy green salads, and I would kill for a packet of chips that you can only buy in NZ :mad: ~ not quite worth the plane trip to get them.

    Have gone off meat of any kind beef, lamb, chicken, pork if it was once alive I can longer stomach it.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    mine was peanut butter, hot chips, in fact anything salty and fatty!!!

    but now i really dont seem to have any at all. i am just back to normal, eating all of my 'normal' foods. still crave chocolate, but that is normal for me too.... :-s


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    alex c Guest

    i eat what i crave and then im turned off after i eat it...i craved pumkin soup,sweets but i dont ever seem to get turned off that,and plenty of milk,cheese,yogurt...

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2005

    Nachos!! Though as someone said earlier - I was so disappointed after eating them as they just did not do it for me. [-(

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2005

    Broccoli, can't eat enough of it at the moment, and broad beans. Sure this will change, can't wait to see what is next.

    Currently it is just food as i'm starving and can't decide what to cook.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005

    I am finding that it is a different food each day.

    For Monday & Tuesday it was hot chips - which I eventually gave in yesterday and had KFC chips. Felt a bit off afterwards so think I am over this craving.

    On the weekend it was olives & ice-cream.

    Today is bacon & egg sandwich. I NEVER eat bacon & egg sandwiches but can't stop thinking about it. Mmmmm I haven't bought one yet though. =P~

    :bluestick: inkstick:

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005

    I just demolished anothoer Orange - they are literally so wonderful.

    Thank goodness I am not craving anything at odd times or unusual stuff mixed together... i dont think I could handle it.

    I have kiwifruit and a banana sitting on my desk in my office too but they are the losers today.. they will be spared. The orange was the culinary winner hahahahahaha

    I'm trying a variety of foods though as the midwife at the hospital told us that the baby gets what you eat and therefore a variety of foods can help the baby develop immunity to some food allergies which is something i had not thought of before. She made special mention of peanuts, to try and eat some because Australian children have the largest intolerence to peanuts in the world.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005

    That's really interesting Princess T - I am glad you posted about it

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jun 2005
    Blue Mountains

    the baby gets what you eat and therefore a variety of foods can help the baby develop immunity to some food allergies which is something i had not thought of before. She made special mention of peanuts, to try and eat some because Australian children have the largest intolerence to peanuts in the world.
    Interesting. I've heard tho, that kids develop allergies due to overexposure to things like peanuts. Similar to the '20th century syndrome' where people develop allergies to chemicals and just about everything the longer they're exposed to them. I've heard the same with lactose intolerance also. I've never really looked into it myself tho, as none of my family have any allergies. Interesting point tho. I've read too that when the baby starts drinking the amniotic fluid, you can influence it's tastes.. so my kids will no doubt be used to chilli & garlic before they're even born! hehe

    Anyway... back to cravings... I love anything with gravy at the moment! chips & gravy, mash & gravy, veggies & gravy! And my fav - yorkshire pudding with gravy. mmmmmm. When I'm feeling a bit rough tho with m/s, usually just some fresh fruit.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005

    Ivana - I just checked on the web becase I suffer from severe Anaphylactic food allergies and wanted to see what they say.

    It says that overindulgence can cause food allergies through breast milk which can cause sensitivity. The reason we have such high instances of intolerence peanuts is because peanut or their proteins are working their way into a lot of products now available on the market,

    Its interesting - i guess you need to introduce a little without overindulging!

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    angel_eyes Guest

    I wish I had something more interesting to report regarding cravings.

    At the very early stages I had to have green leafy vegies, silverbeet, bok choy, spinach.

    Now I'm living on multigrain bread & peanut butter.

    1) I find the extra fibre helps.

    2) I have been a little queasy & it's something I've been bringing to work every day to munch on if I need it.

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    Well my main craving is Lemon Butter on toast, yummo, Crunchy Nut cornflakes, chips & gravy.

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    kerry Guest

    Lemon Gelati

    Anything really cold ans sour


    Kiwi fruit


    I have done the drive to the shop at 3am for a fix so many times the ladies at my local supermarket all know me by name, and thats just in the past 4 weeks.