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Thread: When did you start feeling uncomfortable?

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    sammycat Guest

    Smile When did you start feeling uncomfortable?

    I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and have started to notice that my lower back begins to ache after I have been standing for a while. This has me wondering how I will feel in the coming weeks! When did you start to feel uncomfortable and "over" being pregnant?

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    I had a really bad back issue for about 3 weeks from about 25 weeks......I can remember thinking there was NO WAY I could continue for another 15 weeks, but luckily my back fixed itself.

    I am now nearly 35 weeks, and feel HUGE, but not over it or umcomfortable through the day, but I do wake myself up at night as I try and turn over, which is irritating............

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    Dani_B Guest


    geez 25 wks if I could be so lucky...

    I've been uncomfortable for about a wk and 1/2 and I'm only 17wks LOL! Its my 3rd but I go see a chiropractor until I'm 30wks and then have pregnancy massages. It feels better, and you get the fluid moving.

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    The last six weeks of third trimester were the most uncomfortable (coincided with me leaving work, luckily).

    I had the backache thing at the start of each new trimester too. It settled down after a while, I guess as my body got used to the changes.

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    I've just started to suffer in the last 2-3 weeks so I'd say it started about 28 weeks. It was about the same time with my last one too.
    I'm finding I can't walk around or stand for very long, can't pick up my toddler as much as I'd like and I'm puffed by the time I get to the top of the stairs at home
    It only gets worse from here

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    motherduck Guest


    Im currently 23 weeks with twins and just starting to sleep light Hear every noise and feel all the twitches to only 15 or so weeks to go.

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    Hm, I have ten weeks to go and only get uncomfy at night when I'm trying to sleep.
    With all you who have achy's your posture? Mine was pretty crap before I got pregnant, but since making a conscious effort to improve it, it's been AWESOME!
    I started standnig with my feet shoulder width apart, heels slightly outward, butt tucked in and tried to rest a little more on my heels than my's done wonders for me....
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    I was really uncomfortable from about 20 weeks (or so I thought), then it got worse between about weeks 28-34 (when I also was 'over' the whole pregnancy thing)...mostly backaches, trouble sleeping, hurt to walk far etc. I finished work at 34 weeks due to doctors orders and although I have been uncomfortable since I can at least do things at my own pace and lay down when I want or need to. I still get the occasional sore back and still have trouble sleeping but it doesn't matter so much now and I'm also not as in as much of a hurry to get him out anymore either. Finishing work does wonders!

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