thread: When did you start to show?

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    Oct 2004

    When did you start to show?

    I am nearly 16 weeks pregnant and i dont know if im just being paranoid but i dont really look or feel pregnant.
    I am quite slim so i thought that i should possibly be starting to show. Usually at night after dinner i feel good because i am a bit bigger but is that the baby or just my dinner?!

    I am seeing my doc this week so i am sure he will help put my mind at ease.

    When did everyone "pop"? Will it happen soon for me???? i hope so .

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    katanya Guest

    I have to say I didn't look pregnant will about 6mths sorry to tell you, everyone who knew kept saying "where is it?" I was DYING for my bump by the time I got it, it was great with work though because I do active work and having a huge bump would have been annoying. The good thing is it comes eventually and when it does you appreciate the smallness at the begining BELIEVE ME!!
    I can totally relate to the feeling

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    Nov 2004
    Chasing Daylight...

    Hi Saramac

    Is this your first bubby? If so, your tummy muscles may be nice and tight and may be holding everything in!

    I did heaps of sport before my first little girl came along, and I had quite good stomach muscles. I didn't "pop" with her until my last 2 months (!)

    In fact, I didn't have to tell anyone at work I was pregnant until 6 months, as that was when you could start to notice some weight gain.

    With my second, I showed a lot earlier (around 4-5 months).

    All the best, and enjoy your normal clothes while you can!

    p.s. because I didn't pop out until the last 8 weeks, my stretch marks were massive... gradual stretching is much kinder than instant belly, I'm afraid.

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    Oct 2004

    this is my first Pg misty.....which is why i am probably being so paranoid!

    I guess by having a big belly it is reassuring that bubs is growing.
    Thanks for your posts....i am sure i will get the point in a few months where i will be complaining about being too big!!....hopefully

    dont ya just wish you could have a little portable ultrasound machine at home so you could check every now and then that things are going well!

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    Hi There

    I was extremely skinny when i first fell pregnant (45kg) and I wore all my normal clothes right thru my pregnancy and even at 7mths you couldn't tell I was pregnant when dressed. I only put on 9kg during the pregnancy as well.


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    *Megan* Guest

    Hi Saramac

    I was like you - worried that I didn't have a bump at all! I did have a little bump at 14 weeks, but really started to show at about 17 weeks. I am slim too and also have a retroverted uterus which apparently meant that the baby was hidden...I am now 21 weeks and have a lovely belly! I have only put on 2 kilos thus far, so if you are slow to put on weight, maybe that is another reason? (this is my first bubs too and apparently like the other girls said, it is normal not to show for a while...)

    I'm sure your doctor will be able to shed more light as mine was fantastic when I was worried that the baby wasn't growing!

    Good Luck and let us know how you go...


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    Oct 2004
    melton, victoria

    for me i began to show at about 18-20 weeks for both pregs and felt my first kicks around 16-18 weeks


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    Nov 2003

    um i think i started to show at about 14 weeks? cant quite remember but i know i had a slight bump at my 15wks belly shot

    take care

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    Nov 2004

    My boss didn't show until about 16 weeks. I was showing at 4 weeks and have been in maternity pants since then. My bump is quite big now and very obvious. I have actually been a little worried how much I am showing so soon but everyone's different. I suppose it depends on your body type too.


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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    With my first I was living O/S, I flew home & as I had not seen a Dr or anything, I made an appt, saqw my OB, he booked me in for U/S, which I had 3 days later & was told I was 21weeks & 6 days! I had n a short T-shirt & size 10 jeans, about 3 weeks later I was all belly, I got really big & then it slowed down again...
    With this one, my boobs are Monsterous & I have a pot, I don't care how soon I show, I think everyone can tell, by the smile on my face!!!!

    Don't worry, you will be fine!!!!

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    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    My waistline had expanded a little by three months, however it was not until 5 months that everyone started telling me I "really look pregnant" now.

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    Jul 2004

    I started to noticew that my clothes were getting a bit too tight at about 10 weeks. But I didnt really 'show' until 17 weeks.

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    Feb 2004

    I remember having a little bump at 14 weeks and that's when I was wearing the 'belly belt' to help me wear my normal clothes. I think I popped out around 22 weeks, meaning I looked pregnant rather than just chubby.

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    layla Guest

    I'm at that awkward in between stage right now. I'm wearing my belly belt (the smallest one) and just look like I over-ate at Xmas!! LOL
    Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll look pregnant!
    With my other two I was 20 weeks before I was showing but it's definately happening sooner third time around. 8-[

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    I had a little baby bump at 11w but didn't get anyone noticing I was pg until about 18w. It's definitely noticable now though LOL!

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    Mar 2004
    Wales, UK

    Before getting pregnant, I was really,for me, I could tell I had a belly at about 13 weeks onwards! However, it's only this past week (18 weeks onwards?) that people have started to comment on me looking a bit more pregnant. O

    Now, i ook and feel a lot more pregnant - and I am much more aware of my personal space!