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    I work in a plastics factory as a factory hand and i'm just wondering a few things...

    #1 Is breathing in smoke from burning plastic dangerous? I always assumed it was but i figured they wouldn't be doing it (burning plastic) around workers if it was....

    #2 With the "No heavy lifting during pregnancy" rule, how heavy is "heavy"?

    #3 My boss isn't exactally kind or considerate when it comes to other people's needs, could he sack me when i tell them i'm pregnant? Telling them tomorrow, CANNOT afford to lose my job


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    Jodie259 Guest


    I have no idea about # 1

    # 2... I have a 1yo who is around 12kg... and my obstetrician said it's fine to be lifting and carrying him around. I'm not sure how heavy stuff is you lift... but I would avoid any "heavy lifting" if you can.

    # 3... If you are a permanent employee... (ie: not a casual worker) - he can't sack you. It's against the law. If you type "wageline" into google... it will come up with the QLD department of employment and industrial relations website. You could give them a call - and they can tell you all your rights... so that you are prepared when you go to your boss.

    Many employers try to pressure you into going 'casual' - so they can sack you at any time and not give you any maternity leave. (it depends how long you have been working at the place as to whether you are entitled to maternity leave....). You also have certain sickness rights... but again - depends how long you have worked there.

    congratulations on getting pregnant! Hope your boss doesn't give you a hard time.

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    Sounds like jodie answered Q3, and I don't know about Q1 (ask your doc.), but I can help with Q2... I've been told by midwives and my OB that up to 15kg is ok as long as you lift carefully and use your legs not just your back. Hold your pelvic floor up as you lift anything too! My DS is 15 kg and I still lift him and out of his cot and the car.

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    The ladies have ans the questions but just wanted to confirm that you certainly CANNOT be sacked for being pregnant, its discrimination.
    I would assume that they wouldnt allow anyone to breath burning plastics pregnant or not if it was harmful but ask your doc to be sure.
    Lifting heavy things isnt recommended so if you are concerned again ask your doc. If they recommend a change of duty they should be able to provide you a certificate to that effect.

    Hope this helps

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    1. Depends on the typeof plastic, but many are dangerous.

    2. Up to you. If you're uncomfortable, make someone else do it.

    3. Believe it or not, you can be sacked for a reason other than pregnancy while pregnant and it not be discrimination. Sucks big time, but they can do it. Get witnesses to back you up before anything happens.

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest


    I remember being told by many people that burning plastic fumes are dangerous or poisonous. I have also heard it depends on the type of plastic.
    Before i took on my new job i was a bit worried considering i knew i was PG when i first took it. When reading my contract i read that i will have maternity leave after 12 months (no use to me, but it still kinda indicated that they wont sack me) and then i read in a section that they can not and will not fire me if i am pregnant. You should have a copy of your contract, if you signed one?? But yea, if your permanant/full time they cannot sack you for being pregnant.
    Heavy lifting...i wouldnt know how heavy 'heavy' lifting is considered...but i know just picking up 24 packs of 390ml coke bottles i can feel a tad bit of a strain, but thats just me... so Id ask your doc about that one.

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