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Thread: 2/5ths engaged,told might be early and moving house next week!

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    Default 2/5ths engaged,told might be early and moving house next week!


    At my last midwifes appointment last friday, my m/w told me i was 2/5ths engaged and he has dropped (obviously! LOL), with all my other syptoms im having that i could be having a 36-37 wk baby. Everything i said she was like hmmmm or ooooo we like seeing this in pg women in about a months time but there is a chance he could wiggle out of being engaged and be on time or late.
    We are also moving house end of next week, and my m/w has forbidden me to move anything, as she said she could guarentee me that i would be a mother within a day or two after moving, i could pack stuff but cant move anything. (like i thought i could move the house myself anyway hehe)

    Im trying not to freak out, what does 2/5ths actually mean?? Like does it go up, 3/5 - 5/5? or does it go down 1/5 - 0/5??

    How do i not go into labour early? (unless its his time) Although ive so had enough of it (the pain i mean)

    Ive got lower belly pains when i stand/ walk sometimes even while sitting, my m/w said that its b/c my bones are softening to expand etc for birth.

    Also i think im starting to loose my mucas plug or as Rick prefers "show" (LOL) its not bloody though.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated on anything!!
    Im 34 weeks by my calculations but just over 33 weeks by the hospital calculations.
    Im following my DD though, i got tired of them changing it. Although they havnt changed it for a while.


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    I'd probably be taking it easy if I were you!

    It's so hard to say with these things because babies really do come when they're ready and even though all the signs might be there they can still mess with your head and not show up when you think they should.....

    But after my experience with my DD I tend to err on the side of caution a bit... The day I turned 36 weeks I had a hospital appt and OB felt my belly and announced that Emily was 2/5 engaged and he said "i don't like to promise people their babies are going to come early, but I think this little one is nearly done and she'll be here sooner rather than later. Hope you have your bags packed".
    I thought "yeah right idiot I still have four weeks to go what are you going on about...yada yada..."
    Went home and thought nothing more of it. My water broke the following night and DD was born 36 hours later.
    I'd had no show, no contractions, no sign really at all that she was coming.
    So yeah, I think I'd maybe take it easy if I were you. It certainly can't hurt

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    Bub being engaged doesn't mean you'll go into labour anytime soon. DD was engaged from 28 weeks and full engaged from about 37 weeks yet i still went a week overdue.

    DS was engaged from 30 weeks and fully engaged from about 38 weeks. i went into labour 4 days early.

    But still do take it easy when moving because any stress(even moving) can put you at risk of going into early labour.

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    With my first, he was fully engaged ( 0/5ths ) around the 34 week mark I think. I was induced at 37 weeks for PE and HELLP syndrome though and he wasnt' ready, was still small then.

    With my DD, she didn't engage till labour, but I had those pains, the prelabour for about a month or so before hand, and she ended up going 2 weeks overdue. I had to dodge having a medication induction forced on me.

    It's certainly not unusal for your bub to start engaging this soon, especially with your first baby.

    Definately take it easy moving though, especially lifting things. You don't want that bubba out before 36/37 weeks, so use all the exuses in the world for now, you are allowed

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    I had my 36 week OB appt last Monday and bubs is fully engaged 0/5, I freaked out a bit and posted a thread on 'When did you go into Labour after becoming fully engaged' most answered that they were on time, or even went over.

    So I don't really think its an indication that you will go into Labour in the near future.... although you never know do you?

    I would def take it easy moving, as you really do want a bub that is born at least 37 weeks. I should take my own advice, I just hoovered and am having some killer BH's! 6 days till bub will be 37 weeks!

    Good Luck.

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    Just take it really easy. I moved when i was 36 weeks with DD and i was nearly induced as my BP got soooo high from to trip and moving. All i did was pack a few things.. and watched the rest!

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    Thank you for all your replies, it has helped put it in some prespective lol

    Im not so worried per say about him being 2/5ths engaged, just more concerned of what i think is the "show" showing iykwim. Plus all the other things going on but i can kinda put them in the m/s box iykwim, nausea, lower back ache, not sleeping (although extreamly tired), cant get comfortable, hungry but not really wanting to eat, major bh's (some feel like contractions, due to the pain and location), light headed, pain in my lower belly when i move at all especially when i walk or stand, heart burn/reflux, swelling in feet and hands (but not drastic).

    I have my 3rd antenatal class in an hour so will ask her there about it.

    I really want to start packing too but am way too scared, we move house in a week, and nothing is packed, Rick works 6 days a week so we cant get alot done until wednesday next week when we get the keys.
    Also my baby shower is next saturday at our new house too, so am trying to get things set up for then (moving wise).

    I guess im making to much out of it, and should try to get it in my head that he wont be here for another 4 weeks atleast. Its just after the concerns my m/w said, that its put it in my frame of mind that bubs will be here sooner. And also that bubs room isnt set up b/c of moving that im also freaking out.

    Well better get ready for the class

    Thank you again for your replies, its good to know that just b/c he is engaged that it doesnt mean he will be here early, unless its his time.

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    Hi Naomi

    Good luck with the move! We have just sold our house and will be moving once we find a place to go!! Im trying not to get stressed myself.

    I guess you never know with babies, theres always the ones that come early so best to be prepared.

    My BP is a bit high and I want to pack my hospital bag myself and wash and pack the baby stuff (first baby) so ive started early just in case!!

    Take care.

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