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Thread: 28 weeks and she turned suddenly...head down.....

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    Default 28 weeks and she turned suddenly...head down.....

    Have a question though for those who have children......babeee turned head down a few days ago and ever since I have had diarrhea......and she is LOW!!!!! Please tell me this is a conincedence and nothing to do with her wanting to make a super duper early appearance.......eeeekkkkkk!!!!!!!! Is there such thing as a hormonal change at all????? I am a little freaked but have not done anyhting crazy like packed a bag or even made her bed!

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    I wouldn't stress too much hun. My bubs doesn't feel low yet, but I know the little teasers can engage & unengage ITMS, lol.
    She may be head down, but thats all. I'm pretty sure mine has been for a few weeks (well they feel like feet to me!), but I think thats it!

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