thread: 28w 3d - Cramps 30mins apart

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    Jul 2004

    28w 3d - Cramps 30mins apart


    Just a quick question. I have been feeling crampy all morning, mostly on my right side but also on the left. I started taking notice of the time the cramps would come at about 9.20 this morning and so far I seem to be getting them approximately 30 minutes apart.

    Do you think this is anything to worry about? They are similar to period cramps about halfway up my bump, not that painful but definately noticable.

    All of your advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated 8-[

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    You are sounding just like me Jenn!!

    I would say that they are braxton hicks contractions. I am getting them too and was starting to worry - but then remembered I had them about the same time with Liam. They started off like yours and lasted for almost 24 hours then wore off. I am getting them intermittently now and it is definately a period pain type of pain with associated tightening of my uterus.

    If you are worried, I would suggest seeing a doctor just to make sure that they are indeed just bh.

    Best wishes to you

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    Nov 2004
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    Awww Jenn...please if you are worried...go and see someone just to put your mind at ease. I know its hard not to worry bout these precious lil bubs. But like Kel I too have been having consistent Braxton hicks for a few weeks now..that seem to get into a pattern then will stop. Some can be quite painful and actually stop me from what im doing.

    Thinking of you


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    Go to the hospital/ DRs if they are BH you will find it out, but if theyre not, then they can help. At least put your mind at ease one way or another.

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    Nov 2004

    Sounds like BH contractions to mee too. I have had them quite regularly for about a week now and walking or having a shower makes them go away.

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    Jul 2004

    Thank everyone!

    It's so hard to know what is normal with your first!
    I have called the OB just to be sure it is ok and he will give me a call back in the arvo when he gets into the office.

    I'm sure they probably are just BH but even just knowing what a BH feels like is hard #-o

    I'm not too worried, I have felt Maddie move a couple of times today so at least I know she is ok.

    Thanks again for all of your replies it is comforting to know that I'm not alone with these things.

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Hi Jenn

    I started having BH just yesterday and posted on BB as well!Mine started before I got out of bed and lasted all day probably 20 mins apart and I was freaking out as to what they might be as they were a really weird new feeling, not painful but damn annoying!Let us know how you go at the doc.