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Thread: 2cm dilated and not moving on..

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    Unhappy 2cm dilated and not moving on..

    hi there
    i am due in 7 days with my 2nd babe and for the last week i have been experiencing early labour signs to the point where i was contracting every 3mins for 60secs and went to the hospital and was only 2cms dilated and was given pain killers and sleeping tablets to allow me some rest since then it has been 3days and i am experiencing similar pains ect and pains in my back and front and tightings all the time, and the pelvic pressure is horrible... i was told i am in early labour and just to wait but i am starting to get really fed up has anyone else gone through this ior is going through this and has any advice... even how to move things along ect im going a little bit nuts..
    please help me

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    Have you checked out the 'natural induction' article (you'll find it on the home page under 'articles' then 'birth'.....)?
    Otherwise, walking and sex are generally the best things you can do at this stage....but you probably already know that!

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    thanks thats a great article and it has made me feel a little better... its just feels like a lifetime.... it also doesnt help that i cant get off the toilet lol... if any one else else has any advice or stories please feel free to share them with me....

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    Unfortunately early labour can drag on for some time, days and even weeks. Active labour starts from around 4cms. The best thing you can do is to relax as much as possible, play everything down as best you can and get some good distraction. There is a cycle in labour:

    Fear = Tension = Pain

    Which is very real. You only have to try doing the simplest of activities with your muscles clenched to see that it is exhausting and sometimes painful. Relaxing those muscles helps you do things with ease. If you can relax, you can enjoy less pain Remember to keep breathing especially through pain, try 4 seconds in and 6 second out. That oxygen is going to your baby, so tell yourself you are breathing for your baby and picture that oxygen going into baby's lungs.

    It's a good idea to know what position your baby is in. Posterior babies can mean slow and spurious labours especially at the start, so do some optimal fetal positioning to get bubs into a great possie for labour. There is an article on the main site [url][/url]. The tips include keeping your hips above your knees, no slouching etc. It's so important. Walking is also great as is walking up stairs, as long as you have no hip pain doing so.

    I know it sounds more difficult now, but surrender to your body, let it do what it needs to do and trust your baby knows the way. Allow yourself to let go. Let all the tension flow away and that bubby will come nicely... go and have a massage and you will be surprised how much of an effect that can have - both myself and Cailin (other moderator) saw the same person for our babies and we both ended up in labour 48 hours later. All from a massage
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    My friend had this happen...went to the hospital on the Friday and they sent her home..I told her to try sex and we think it worked...she had her bub on the Wednesday after.

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    OH baby do I know where you are!!! With my first and my third babies I had what you describe for about 10 days. I knew I wasn't in labour but it was so constant and would keep me awake. I found a nice warm bath with candles helped. I worked on clearing my mind and telling my babies that I was happy for them to come when they were ready. I really released any attatchment to times/dates. I planned something for EVERY day. Ony something small but it was a plan and something to work toward and occupy the space rather than focussing on the baby and when it would come.

    Trust in that wonderful, magical body of yours. It knows what to do and together with your baby the birth will happen when the time is right. Those feelings you are having are all working toward the birth day.

    I really feel for you as I know how tiring it is. :hugs:

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    I am sending you huge as well. I don't have any tips, just wanted to let you know that I got sent home from the hospital twice with my first son! it is horrible and I didn't sleep at all during that time!

    I hope bubba moves along soon for you!

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