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Thread: 3/5 means what?

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    Default 3/5 means what?

    I don't understand the new way of measuring engagement. Last week my OB described baby Daniel as fixed but not engaged and today he has written down 3/5.
    He will check for cervical ripeness next Monday then on Tuesday insert the two balloons to dilate the cervix then break the waters Wednesday morning. Unless of course Daniel arrives before then of his own accord.
    Being we live out of town and I tend to have short hard labour we want a safe induction in hospital plus the OB is heading overseas for a conference around my due date.

    but the 3/5? He did ask if I had much pressure on my bladder lol. that could explain the hourly loo trips day and night.


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    Just means he is 3/5 the way engaged. I was never there, even when I was in labour Ash was still floating. and I was 1/5 lol

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