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    today is my last day of work and it feels bitter sweet. when i first found out i was pregnant i gave myself a guideline as to when id stop work and now its here i dont want to. weird huh?!but i guess my energy levels are great so that kinda took me by surprise!
    i think i feel like my identity as a working woman is slowly regressing and being taken over by this pregnant, nervous, new mum emotion.
    dont get me wrong it feels amazing to be going through these stages but i think its just hitting me that now ill have to exert myself more to prove my individuality.

    time flies when your having fun is such a true statement.
    from 19 weeks feeling my little man kick and move has made the last 11 weeks so easy and the bond i already feel for this little person growing inside of me-all by himself i might add-has grown soooo much and its hard to believe i can love someone so much and i havent met him yet!

    my husband and i are starting our prenatal classes next week and im really excited by the fact that HE sugested them!!! he is really trying to be involved and i love him for that.anywho enough gushing or ill get emotional at work...heaven forbid.

    this is our first and things have been going morning sickness,just a full feeling in my stomach and no love for food but that went away @ 13 weeks, no stretch marks..yet , only a bit of uncomfortableness @ night so i think im getting of lightly compared to some stories ive read! knock on wood as they say

    talk later, caz

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    Sounds like things are going really well for you. I hope the stretch marks stay away. I had no stretch marks then all of a sudden bang 32 weeks they popped up. I hate them. Otherwise I have been like you no morning sickness, finding being preggers not to bad. However I do have a breech baby and a large fibroid so I did not get away scott free. Good luck with finishing up work it is a weird feeling and takes some getting use to.

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    Caz, congratulations on finishing work and being a SAHM!!
    I know the feeling - I am a teacher and when I finished up work at 34 weeks it felt really strange because I have been working since I was 16! Now though, Im so glad Ive had the last few weeks just to finalise bits and pieces, and I got used to it pretty quickly!
    Ive also had it relatively easy with slight m/s no belly stretch marks (BBs and butt are a different issue!!) and have to kick myself at times that things are ok, after having a mc last year.
    Anyway welcome to BB - make sure you have a look at your belly buddies group and join in there too, mine are gorgeous and its been so nice sharing this time with other people who are at the same stage of pregnancy!! Hope you stay well and enjoy these last few months!

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