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    How many gals movements feel diff once they hit the 30w mark. I am almost 31weeks, and even though the feeling are still there, they arent the obvious kicks as such (well they are after tea) but during the day, they are more like rolls etc, I know bubs does not have as much movement, wow he is causing me to get the worst heartburn/reflux, last night I slept half sitting up..

    In a way I feel like the last tri wil be the hardest of them all, as the 1st 2 were a brreze, now I have the heartburn, fat ankles/sore back. But hey I gess we wouldn’t have it any other way would we….

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    Congratulations on such a great milestone Maggie

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    My heartburn increased really badly from about 30 weeks, so far I haven't found anything that really helps it either!
    My movements really slowed down as well. I only get rolls now as opposed to kicks. But as bub gets bigger, the rolls are worse than the kicks. At around 30 weeks bub turned from lying across my stomach to head down, and I didn't feel any movements for 4 days. I saw my doctor and he said there's definitely movements, I just didn't notice them as I was used to the kicking. I'm now used to the rolls and know where bub is most of the time.

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    I remember this from the first time - not so many kicks, just squirming and rolls.
    Congrats on reaching 30 weeks!

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