thread: 38 wks - Discarge (TMI)

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    BJ Guest

    38 wks - Discarge (TMI)

    Sorry guys, silly/embarassings question from a 1st time pregnant mother to be. :-$

    I am 38 wks 3 days pregant and have a light brown coloured discharge on my liner (It's definetely not blood). Just wondering if this is normal or has anyone else experienced this (could it be the mucus plug although it doesn't seem sticky?)
    Also my urine is very strong smelling - even my DH has been commenting on it. Is this also normal?

    Any advice/comments will be appreciated.


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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Hi Belinda

    I'm nearly 37 wks and I have noticed that my discharge has increased and I had one day there where it was a brownish colour. I have also noticed that sometimes it gets a little smelly in the urine department.Then by the time I have my doc appointment every week its gone so I never get around to asking them!I know that UTI's and thrush are really common in pregnancy so maybe its to do with that?