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Thread: 3rd tri - what to do more of? And what to do less of?

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    Default 3rd tri - what to do more of? And what to do less of?

    Ok so firstly I'm excited to be in 3rd trimester - woo hoo!

    And I was just wondering, from all you wise ladies who've been here before or are well into 3rd tri... what things were great for you to do?

    And what things would you avoid doing?
    (and I don't mean the obvious "don't got bungy-jumping" kinda stuff, but more what do you wish you'd not done - maybe stopped working earlier/later etc).

    I guess it's like the old lady's list IYKWIM, what you'd do if you had your time again really... Is it eat more icecream? Walk in the rain? Sleep more? Buy nursery furniture earlier? or later?

    This is all very new to me, so I'd love to hear any thoughts/wisdom/insights you have!


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    Good question! Here are my "Do More's"
    *Definately enjoy your showers/baths more - I didn't realise it would be near impossible to have a relaxing hot shower after having DD!
    *Get all those "I'll do it later" things done - eg photo albums up to date, pictures on the wall etc
    *SLEEP!!! Unplug that phone and sleep for as long as you want without feeling guilty
    Do Less
    *Shopping! - all that walking around, getting tired & online!
    *waiting - in those last few weeks its hard not to just wait around for bub to arrive, but seriously, try to enjoy that time with your partner

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    I think the biggest thing I would have done differently is finish work a couple of weeks earlier. I worked up until 2 and a half weeks before my due date, and in the last 2-3 weeks of work I really struggled. I work in an office so its not physical work, but just sitting down all day proved difficult at times. I was surprised at how quickly it crept up on me as I was doing fine before then.

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    Just SLEEP!!!!

    Enjoy the time you have - even when you think you are bored! I used to go and sit in the nursery and just SIT and stare at the cot and imagine myself holding my baby!!!

    Um - go to the movies, out for dinner and enjoy it! Savour each minute that you don't have to worry about sitters etc. and enjoy the time with your DH. That is one of the things I miss, and that we really have to work hard on is spending quality time with each other without Iz there!

    Also - don't stress and get yourself upset over little details or things that you forget or don't get done! Babies don't need much other than boobies, nappies, somewhere to sleep and some clothes in the first few weeks so if you forget that gorgeous lamp/sitckers for the wall/teddy/rugs etc dont worry you will get it done!

    Congrats on making it to the 3rd trimester! On the home stretch now honey!

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    Sleep, Rest, Enjoy your baths and showers, Do the shopping earlier rather than later and that way your can set-up the nursery and not have to worry or panic it wont get done.
    Most importantly Relax and enjoy being preg, i know after i had my DD i missed having my big baby belly so much.
    Good luck

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    enjoy putting on socks and shoes while you can..
    enjoy the quiet of the house while you can..
    relax, nap and enjoy warm baths and showers
    look into extra pillows or a body pillow if u havent already
    remember to keep up your liquids! (and try not to be far away from a toilet at all times)
    keep up the fibre and look after your iron levels
    stock up on pre-cooked meals or easy meals your other half can cook, when i hit 3rd trim it seems i have no urge to cook at night also very handy for when bub arrives.
    get your nursery/bub stuff a bit at a time or beware the annoying amount of packaging and cardboard that will clutter the house.. ugh

    and avoid getting a cold, as i feel like crap!

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    Do get you DH t help out with all the big stuff including the washing basket
    -Stock up on meals
    -Nest as early as you can cause when ur at the end of the third trim , your tired, too large and get stuck on the floor
    -Taking your other kids ten pin bowling is an exteme sport when u r in late preg- i learnt the hard way,hehe
    -enjoy the good parts cause most people focus on the negative

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    Do More
    -Drinking fluid (I dont know bout anyone else but with 3rd tri came bad constipation)
    -Baths/Showers (just because you can!!!)
    -Relaxing in general!

    Do Less
    -Anything you dont like doing!!!
    -Anything that requires lots of energy
    -Anything DH will willingly do!!!

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