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    Well i'm 30 weeks on Friday. I have gained no more than 4kgs this whole pregnancy. Have only gained about 0.5kg in the last month. Yet, my belly is massive. There's a pic on my website at 25weeks and i was huge then, i'm so much more bigger than that now. So it is definatly all baby. Which is what scares me. Lily was 9lb 7oz at 1 week post dates. I'm scared this bub is going to be huge! I don't want them to have to induce me before my EDD just coz he is big. I'm scared i won't be able have my natural, drug free, non-intervention birth. I am so looking forward to it. I don't want to have to be told i'll need a c/s or induction. It will just shatter me! I know measuing the fundus can be very inaccurate but i'm measuring about 5 weeks ahead! I have all this info in my head about how i can birth a larger baby but i don't want him to be that big! And the pressure i might get to have an induction or c/s. I just don't know what to do.

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    Oh Tegan - u poor chicken!!! I can imagine u'd be feeling stressed. I can't really give u any advice - just encouragement! I think u'd be surprised at what our bodies can achieve and manage...try to remain positive and strong in ur well desired goals cause they r important to u. I guess u'll just have to take each day as it comes. Sorry i can't be of more help but ur in my thoughts and prayers

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    Awww Tegan, it's hard not to be scared about the size of your baby, but you're right fundal height is nothing to go by. Just because you're big doesn't mean it's all baby. Don't forget you've got placenta in there and lots of amniotic fluid. Your baby might be the same size as Lily but you've just got more fluid in there. Also you will have found that you popped out sooner this pregnancy too, this happens as you're already "pre stretched".

    All you can do is wait and see. You know that a woman's body is an amazing thing. You WILL be able to birth your baby no matter how big he is.

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    Tegan hun, big bellies don't necessarily mean big babies.
    Just remember you've got the placenta in there as well which takes up some space.

    Also, don't forget you did it wih Lily - yes she was an induction, but that wasn't because she was big.
    YOU CAN DO THIS, you've done it before and I know you can do it again. Positive thinking is what you need

    GO TEGAN GO!!!

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    Be strong. Say NO. They cannot tell you what to do because it's YOUR choice!!! Put your mind to it and don't let the 'size' thing get you down...
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