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    kerry Guest

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    Ok new wierd and wonderful symptom...

    First at the ob the other day I have found out that bigfoot is head down, bum up......but not engaged yet. The not being engaged bit doesn't worry me to much as I have had to have cervical stitching because of my SPD and how seperated my pelvis already is. OB says once bf engages then I probably will be a real live mum in a short amount of time.

    The past 2 days I have had the worst achey legs.. its not cramps its just and annoying pain and goes from my feet to my bum but is worse in my lower legs. It is so annoying that I have to jiggle my legs (like I need to wee but am holding it in) all the time to get any relief.

    OK so my stupid questions of the day are:

    1. Does anyone else have this?

    2. Is this normal?

    3. What could be causing this?

    Oh and I drink at least 3l of water a day, gotta flush my kidneys.

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    Hi kerry
    It sounds like bigfoot just found another nerve to play with.

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    kerry Guest


    Thanks Alan..... and yay for me........NOT

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    Yay that bigfoot is now head down!!

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