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    Hi all
    im sure this has prob been asked before but im just wondering whether its ok to take antibiotics when preg?
    Im 41+1 wks preg and have had a cold since the wknd, the cough is getting worse and worse where my chest is burning and tummy muscles hurting every time i cough, i have also had sweats on and off since last night.
    Im off to the dr this afternoon and am just wondering if he suggests to take antibiotics that its safe for bub?
    Sorry for the rant.

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    I am currently taking AB for a sinus infection. Amoxycillon (Sp). They are Catagory A and safe to take. My Dr said he would usually only give them to pregnant women who are past their 1st trimester and have had a problem for more then a week as it can take that long for somethings to clear. I had sinus for 2 months before seeing him. Hopefully your Dr can give you something to help so you can have bubs without feeling sick.

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    Thanks Blessedmum, dont really like to take stuff when im preg but like you said just need help getting over it before labour starts.
    hope your sinus infection clears up quickly for you

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    Im in the exact same position as Blessedmum... i've got a sinus infection and am on Amoxycillin also.
    Aren't they the worst things ever!?
    Hope the doc prescribes some for you July Mum and your feeling better soon, no good that your really close to having your bub!

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