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    Hi girls
    I had a late scan to check for placenta positioning at 31w5d. While there the sonographer took the usual measurements to make sure bubs is growing etc. All measurements except abdominal circumference were pretty much on time, but the abdominal circumference was lagging about 2 weeks behind. He said immediately don't worry about that it is inaccurate, the head/leg measurement is more useful at this stage. Well then why mention it? However I have read that they estimate the babies weight by the abdominal circumference? Does this mean I am having a small baby?

    I mentioned it to my GP, she had no idea but said not to worry about scan results fundal height was perfect. My fundal height has measured dead on with gestational age up until 32 weeks when GP measured it at 34cm. At my 34 week antenatal check, she again measured it at 34 cm (had a BH just before measurement could this have affected measurement?)


    I am a bit of a stress head generally, and I dont think reading things on the internet helps.

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    Clare, try not to stress too much. Scans have been rumoured to be quite inaccurate at times (how many times have women been told to expect a 10 pounder and be induced; only to have a 6 pound baby?).

    I too had a scan at 32wks because my GP was worried baby was not big enough. Remember they work on averages; and you'll note that they give pretty much a 3-4wk allowance on the ranges. My bubs was on the lower end of development/measurement for some of her body, but on the higher end for others. (Apparently she has big feet! *L*)

    I'm sure if there was something to be concerned about with your bubs' development; it would have been discussed with you following that exam.

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    Hey Clare,

    Those measurement scans are often inaccurate, esp in later PG. I had a scan done at 37w4d, the day before Kynan was born, and some of his measurements were weeks out. It doesn't necessarily mean that you'll have a small baby.

    I imagine that a BH could affect your fundal height but I'm not sure. Fundal heights aren't always exact either, so don't let it worry you if it doesn't match up exactly with how many weeks you are.

    If it looks like your bub is happy & healthy & your doc/midwife isn't worried then chances are the little one is growing fine

    All the best!

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    Custardtart Guest

    Remember, they are judging by averages. Depending on your genetics and the shape/proportions of the baby, your little bub may well be perfectly healthy and developing beautifully, but outside of the 'average' range. I wouldn't stress at all from scan measurements, they can be notoriously inaccurate.


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    Thanks everyone.
    Have just been shopping and feeling a little bit better. As you all say, if there was anything to worry about I am sure they would have said something. Bubs is VERY active all the time.

    I have another antenatal appointment next thursday with an obstetrician this time so hopefully my mind will be put at rest.

    I think I will stop reading now.