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Thread: Anyone else this uncomfortable?

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    Default Anyone else this uncomfortable?

    I'm almost 36 weeks and feel like it's virtually impossible to get comfy, especially at night, whether I be sitting on the couch, lying on the couch, in bed, or at the computer.

    My belly feels so enormously stretched to the max and every time the baby moves I have corners and bits poking out everywhere, and it kind of hurts! When I walk I feel my bladder is squished and uncomforatble. It makes me worry that this baby is HUUUUGE.

    I've gained 13 kilos so far this pregnancy, and don't look pregnant from behind, just have a big watermelon shoved in front!

    Anyone else feeling like this?

    It's baby #2, maybe I'm just feeling everything a bit more because I've stretched?

    Please tell me I'm not about to birth a hippopotamus (with corners).

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    Yep, I'm 33 weeks but my uterus is measuring 39 weeks. I can't move or sneeze without getting really bad ligament pain, so sharp and strong and it lasts for around half an hour at times. If I sit down I get heartburn and the baby jams under my ribs, if I lie down, I pull ligaments, I'm too tired to stand up for ages which is relieving. It's horrible to have to bend down and pick anything up, it sets off heaps of Bh contractions that are so strong I find I have to breathe through them. I can't sleep at night because of period pain and pre labour niggles coming on already. My poor baby hardly moves now, just stretches at times and it feels his head is butting my hip bone while his feet lodge under my ribs. A recent scan done showed bubs is 2 weeks larger for dates and will be a big baby, but I'm not taking too much notice of that. I saw a new OB today and he felt my stomach and tried to say nicely that it felt like a large baby to him, and they would have to review it at 36 weeks because I might need a c-section LOL, I don't think so!

    I am asked everyday by people when I am due, and get a wide-eyed response 'is it one baby?' when I answer I've still got 7 weeks to go. I don't think I'm going to birth a hippo, but I sure feel I look like one at the moment.

    So I can really really really relate right now Not much longer to go!

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    Yep, I'm starting to feel like that too!!! For me, bubs just moves SOOOO much that it hurts!! It's seriously getting a little too much to handle at times and I hate that I'm getting frustrated. I've really enjoyed this pg and still can't believe what our bodies are going through. I just wanted to enjoy the last few weeks but somehow don't think that's a possibility!! The nights are the worst for me - its just so hard to get comfortable. I'm all out in front too - can't even tell I'm pg from behind but I feel like an elephant!! I'm just worried because I've still got 5 weeks to go - how much bigger am I going to get?? I terrified of having a huge baby!! I feel like all I do is complain and whinge to my poor DH atm, it's just terrible because I still really do enjoy being pg!!

    I guess there's not long to go now, I just hope bubs settles down a little and the movement is what's really getting to me (although at the same time, I do love the reasurrance that everything is ok, so I can't win I guess - if the movement was to slow down, I'm sure I'd worry myself silly)!!!

    It's just great to know that we're not alone!!!

    Best of luck girls!!

    Kelly xxx

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    Yep, 36 weeks was when I started to feel HUGE and uncomfortable. Couldn't sleep well and I thought I was having a really long baby. I hope you start to feel more comfortable soon but it is all normal, happens to us all unfortunately and it doesn't mean you are having a hippopotamus, lol.

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    I am 35 weeks and counting. The last week I have been feeling so uncomfortable. I cant sleep half the time as my hips hurt so much to lie on them for too long and I cant lie on my back at all anymore. When Im sitting it feels like Im squashing the head or something and when I stand I need to pee every two seconds. Bub continuously moves and kicks and the pain is shocking sometimes when he kicks under my ribs or punches my hips. I guess all we can do for now is sit around and wait. Thanks for the btch session.

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    yeah, welcome to my world too!

    Junior can't decide if he prefers headbutting my bladder or kicking my he does both! On the days I wake up with no back pain(old injury, not preg caused), instead of feeling good, I try to figure out how much acrivity I can do before I'm stuck on the sofa the rest of the day. I miss being able to bend, squat and twist without having to plan the movements execution down to the last detail and I don't remember what it is like to simply look down and see pubes! For the most part being pregnant has been awesome but I am looking forward to having my mobility back!

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    the last 6-8 weeks feels like forever some time and I am due in August, so I am sure I'll be in the same boat too in another few months. Uncomfortable for a bit but so worth it .
    And I am sure you do not look like a hippo and I am sick of ppl asking when I am due and saying how big I am at this stage and that I'm having a boy .. its insensitive to say the least and like anyone can tell what you are having- LOL!!
    Keep smiling as it won;t be long

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