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Thread: Appearance of Tummy dropping

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    Default Appearance of Tummy dropping

    Hi all
    Long time no see!
    I am now almost 29 weeks along and got a shock today when looking in the mirror, my tummy has dropped heaps!
    I dont feel any sensation of heaviness in the pelvis or the little one being "locked in".
    Is this the lightening women talk of pre labour? Should i worry?

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    My tummy physically dropped about 3 weeks ago - it doesnt necessarily mean bubs head is engaged in the pelvis though (lightening) Just mention it at your next appointment! Its weird though isnt it?! I had to ask DH to check as I felt I could breathe better but wasnt sure enough that my whole tummy had actually moved so far overnight! Actually you can see where my belly button moved to on my site from 5 weeks to go - to the most recent belly shot! Very strange!
    Good luck!
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