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    angelique Guest

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    Hi There ladies,

    Has anyone noticed their inability to eat large amounts of food and to feel full for longer.

    I am sure my stomach is smaller than it has ever been before. Even when I drink water it seems to come back up when burping (sorry for the graphic description)

    Is anyone else experiencing this? I hope my baby is getting all that it needs despite my lack of appetite and smaller meals.

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    lindie Guest



    I am the same have had little to no appetite this whole pregnancy?

    This is my 3rd pregnancy and its unlike me to be like this?

    Example - parents took myself and DH to Dinner on weekend as its our last baby free weekend and I ordered a huge meal feeling quite hungry when we got there but barely touched my meal which was gorgeous and perfect, just couldnt fit it in I mean I literally only ate a bread plate kind of portion of my dinner and I hadnt even had a decent lunch?
    My father even commented to my mum that shouldnt I be at least as hungry as I normally are when im un-pregnant?

    I cant drink a heap but I chew ice like its going to become extinct?
    Party bag of ice every day, day and a half?


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    I noticed the same thing late in my PG. I figured that as bub got bigger there was less room for other things including a full stomach LOL. Babe will still get all the nutrients that he/she needs

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    angelique Guest


    Hi Lindie,

    hehehe I had to laugh about the Ice. I am absolutely obsessed with iced water and If it is not Iced I cant drink it. We must be having cravings for ice. Not that it has any nutrients in it anyway.

    I guess we suffer from an overly squashed stomach. I swear I can feel my princess pushing it up and playing soccer with it at times.

    Maybe we should ask our OB about it. THankfully i have an an appointment on thursday.

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