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Thread: Asking for induction on EDD?

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    Default Asking for induction on EDD?

    I know the EDD my OB has for me is wrong. There is no way this baby was conceived to be due on 5th Oct. I know the 27th Sept EDD is correct so there is an 8 day discrepency. I am not in a very good state physically and not sure I can take another 3 weeks or more of this hell. So I want to ask to be induced on the OB's EDD, which will mean I am actually 8 days overdue. I personally dont want to go any further than the 8 days past EDD for various reasons.

    Am I allowed to ask/request this??

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    Hi Anna

    Let me first say that your EDD is not an accurate date, it is only a guide. The most accurate EDD will be from an early U/S at 8 10 weeks and even then the date can be out by seven days either way. The later the U/S is done the more inaccurate it becomes.

    Yes you can ask for an induction, but before you do please make sure that you are aware of all the advantages and disadvantages.

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    I'm sure your Ob will oblige but as Alan said please check out the pro's and con's as it might seem like a good idea now... Perhaps try some acupuncture, its been very successful with my clients. If your baby is ready, it will likely be all it needs to tip you over the edge. Check out the article in my signature.
    Kelly xx

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    If you are feeling unwell and 'not yourself', then I say go for it- as long as you are aware of both pros and cons...

    I was considering getting induced only a day after my EDD because my OB was going on leave, but when she examined me, my cervix simply was not ready, and the chances of the induction progressing to a caesarian were very high. So I opted out of it and have met and LOVE the OB covering for my usual OB while she's on holidays. I must admit, after making the decision, I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, as I was hoping to experience the whole 'waters breaking' or 'contractions starting at 2am!!!'

    Whatever works for you, your reasons sound totally valid (not that you need validation from anyone but yourself...)- after all, it is your body and your instinct that is guiding you in this decision.


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    You can ask to be induced but just think very carefully and weigh up the pros and cons of it before you go ahead with it - if your body and the baby are not ready induction can lead to many interventions and possibly a caesarian. You could try some natural methods first maybe and see if you can get things moving along that way.

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    AnnaT, are you trying to sneak out on me!? :eek:

    But: I know that you have tried natural induction methods, I know that you're all favourable, I know that you are over this to the max!!

    I like Kelly's suggestion of acupuncture (or a massage). 1 of my mates had her waters break at the end of her massage, and another went the day after acupuncture...and if it does nothing else except relax you, well...that's not so bad?

    See what your ob says, if you think you will go crazy, but what's wrong with crazy? We can be the two scary crazy ladies in the Sept thread
    Who knows, maybe Pip or Merrie's s&s's won't work (totally not trying to jinx you girls!) and there will be a few of us crazy ladies left!

    Seriously though mate, I know how uncomfy you are, and while I'd love the company, I know you & your ob will make the best decision for you & Jett What does Ryno think? All the best with your decision making!

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