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Thread: Awful water retention in legs... remedies?

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    Default Awful water retention in legs... remedies?

    I have been feeling so awful for the past month and a half. Every time I showed up at my doctor's... I have a huge weight gain. I have been eating, but not THAT MUCH! For instance, I put on 5kg in a two week period... that's A LOT... and it was similar with my most recent visit. I put on again 4.3kg in a two week time. I know for one thing that my legs swell badly. I have tried cutting down salt, sleeping with legs elevated using a pillow, putting my legs up many times during the day... nothing seems to help. It's gotten so bad that I have trouble walking up the stairs and my hips just are in pain mostly likely due to the excess weight I have put on. I only have roughly 6 weeks to go, but these 6 weeks seem so far away with my situation at the moment. Also, I should mention that with my last ultrasound, they said that my baby was bigger than average... roughly 5lbs8oz when I was in my 33 weeks. So here I am... counting the days but at the same time really disgusted by my current situation... did anyone go through similar thing in their pregnancy? Any solutions? THanks

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    Hi Carmen2,

    Sorry to hear you are having a tough time.. I dont have any fluid retention so cant even imagine what you are going through, however I have noticed I have put on more weight this pregnancy.. I am 35 weeks and have already put on the same amount i did my whole pregnancy last time...

    I know it must seem like you have ages to go, Fingers crossed it goes fast for you!!

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    Hi Carmen, I will watch this thread with interest as i have the same prob.
    Have only been able to fit into thongs (on my feet- that is) since about wk 30.
    I have to pee in a cup vevry week cause the swelling is so bad, the doc wants to keep an eye on my protein levels even tho my bp is like 110/65.
    The only thing I have found that helps my ankles is pressure stockings. At least with those on, my legs will bend at the ankles.
    I also make a point of going belly up on the couch for at least an hour in the middle of the day ir i am crippled by the end of the day.
    But it is getting worse....
    Just keep an eye on your fingers too, my rings now wont come off at all and if it gets any worse, I am going to have to cut them off
    And yes.... I tried soap and moisturiser and even an ice pack on my hands with them elevated, but not a chance. They are stuck...

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    Accupunture I only have a little but wow did I get a great result yesterday

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