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Thread: Babies Heart Rate - too fast? .... Alan?

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    Babushka Doll Guest

    Default Babies Heart Rate - too fast? .... Alan?

    Hi Everyone

    I am a little worried tonight and Im hoping someone can shed some light on my bubs heart rate.

    I had my 37 week app this morning with my OB. He did all the normal checks, BP, bubs position (fully engaged) etc.. every thing was fine, until.....

    He put the doppler on to check bubs heart rate, it sounded quite fast to me, very strong and consistent but fast. OB left the doppler on my belly just a little too long which started off my concern, I also saw from DH face that he was concerned too. OB then said everything fine!

    I asked DH afterwards what the reading was and he told me it went from 184bpm to 176bpm. Usually it is anywhere from 140 bpm to 164 bpm.

    Does anyone know what would have caused bubs heart to be beating so fast? I thought they slowed down closer to birth?

    Alan, if you can shed any light it would be fantastic, I like my OB but sometimes I feel that I can't ask him too many questions, I should have asked but felt quite rushed today.


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    I'm sorry I don't know, but I am pretty sure that if your Doc was concerned he/she would have said something. Did you ask?

    If your worried perhaps call your hospital, you might be able to go in and get them to monitor you for a while and put your mind at ease.

    Whatever you do don't stay home stressing, call someone and ask questions

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    Babushka Doll Guest


    Yep thats what DH said, if the OB was concerned he would have sent me for further tests, but he didn't seem to be concerned at all. I know Im being a little silly, but its just that I think its the highest that I have every heard it and being so close to birth freaked out a little.

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    Bubs heart rate will increase when he or she is moving around. Just the same as ours does when we exercise, or go from resting to walking. You will find that once bub has settled down again that so will it's heart rate.

    I agree too, your Dr would have said something if he was worried.

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    Ellibam Guest


    Also if you had eaten just before the appointment!
    especially something sweet

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    Hi Babushka Doll
    It is very common for your baby’s heart rate to go up for a short time. As Trish said is usually when they are moving but it can happen at other times as well, for example during a BH contraction. I have seen the heart rate go way higher than 184 without any problems. If I was checking your baby’s heart rate and it was 184 I would also leave the doppler on a little longer to see that the rate is changing and if it went down to 176 I would be quite happy with that. But I would have told you why I left the doppler on a little longer.

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    Babushka Doll Guest


    Thank you so much Alan! I don't know what I would do without your help at times! It makes me wonder why we pay these OB's so much money when sometimes we feel we get very little in return (by way of explanations etc).
    Have a fab weekend!

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