thread: baby 'bearing down'

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    baby 'bearing down'

    Over the last few weeks I have noticed that the baby is in an engaged position more, which is pretty normal. The thing that is different this time, compared to my other pregnancies, is that he seems to be shifting into a birth position where he is regularly really bearing down on the pelvic floor and causing a lot of pressure/pain.

    I remember this happening on and off in the last few weeks of my other pregnancies, I'd be walking along and all of a sudden have to take baby steps because the head had engaged, but nowhere near to this extent - I can be sitting or lying down doing nothing (which I have to do a lot of, because my stomach muscles have packed up and aren't supporting the weight anymore) and all of a sudden the babe will move into position and cause a lot of pressure for 10 minutes or so at a time, then it will lift. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for how often he does this, but it is extremely painful, and does not cause BH contractions or anything else. If it DID cause contractions I think I'd be happier, because it would at least signal that he is getting ready to come out, but no such luck!

    Has anyone else experienced this, and do you think it is more extreme because this is a third child and a VERY big bump?


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    hi kerrie,

    i cant really help you with this one sorry! but do you think it could be just that it is your 3rd, and so the muscles are a little more relaxed and giving more room for bub to go right down?

    i hope it doesnt cause you too much grief, hope someone can answer your question,


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    Hi Kerrie

    Gemma's been inflicting this on me too.All of a sudden she'll push her head down, or try to, and it really is quite painful.It normally happens as soon as I stand but she does it while I'm sitting some times too.When she does this I don't get any sort of contractions with it either #-o .Also Gemma's movements have slowed alot to barely there during the day.She only seems to want to push down in my pelvis alot!!!!!!