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    Default Baby dropping??

    Hi all, This may sound like a stupid question to some i dont know..but is there any way you can tell when your baby has engaged?? apart from the dr telling you? My first didnt engage at all so i dont know what it feels like, i have had a couple of people telling me that my belly looks like it has dropped but last time i went to the dr she hadnt engaged...i just want to know so i know what to look for....thanks

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    I remember with Nina, when she started engaging I could feel it. I could feel her head in my pelvis. I'd sit on the lounge, slightly leaning backwards, and I could feel the shape of her head.

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    For me, I had no idea he'd engaged - but I did notice I needed to go to the bathroom ALOT more often (like everytime I got up, lol) and I've had sore hips and more pelvic pain that normal too

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    im 4/5ths engaged with the third baby and have found that even though she is still high i have started to get more pressure and discomfort on my cervix. that was a bit of an indication to me that she is moving downwards.

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    With my baby, I can tell she's engaged because I've been wanting to go to the loo too everytime I stand up.... Another thing is that, I can pressure down my pelvis. When she moves her head, sometimes, my face grimaces! LOL

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