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    Baby engaging

    At about what week is it normal for baby to engage in a first pregnancy? And how do you know when they have engaged?

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    You don't know yourself tegan unless the doctor tells you. But you may find your baby has dropped ie you are carrying lower than before. It can happen at different weeks for everyone.

    I engaged at 33wks with Kameron, and 30wks with Lachlan, but my best friend with her 1st pregnancy never engaged at all.

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    THats a hard one, I think its different for everyone! I've heard of them engaging at around 32 weeks and a few days before birth. I was somewhat engaged (can't remember now...) at 36 weeks and again at 38 weeks I progressed, but at 42 weeks she had completely disengaged, and a few days later only a little... That was an unusual occurance for her to not be engaged anymore, but thats what happened with us!

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    I haven't been able to tell if baby has engaged but a few of my friends who I have been sending regular belly pictures to have said that the bump has definitely dropped in the last couple of weeks.

    I haven't felt any different though and it still feels as though baby is filling the whole of my stomach!!

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    As the other girls have said, every bub engages in his/her own time, sometimes unengaging and then engaging again! Babies can engage right up until the time of your labour, so a tricky one that only your baby knows what they will do
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    I found with Ryley that i felt him engage twice and it was straight after I had been to the chiropractor at 37 and 38 weeks. The way that I kept checking was by seeing how many fingers i could put between my breasts and the top of bubba when i was standing. Before it was only a finger- now it is my whole hand.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hmmm, so i guess there is no right or wrong time for bubs to engage. But i this morning i woke up and it looks like bubs has dropped, coz my belly isn't as round at the top or as high. But i'm thinking she can't of yet as i'm only 27 weeks? I think it's too early.

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    Have only started to drop in the past few weeks. Havent really noticed it myself its more like people you only see like once a week but I think it must have the pains in my ribs are less and less. DH when I get up in the morning says I have dropped and I am like have I how can you tell *lol* You see me like 12 hours a day.

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    I think the midwives/dr's use a scale of 1-5 of how far down a baby's head has engaged. At week 39 I still hadn't gone past a score of 1, but my waters still broke the very next day!