thread: Baby movements in third trimester

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    Aussie_Chik Guest

    Baby movements in third trimester

    Hi All

    I went to ante natal classes yesterday and we were discussing warning signs in pregnancy, one of them being decrease in baby movements or none at all. I made the comment that since about 32 weeks my babies movements were less rapid and erratic at times and more like larger, pressure movements - like an elbow pushing out or a foot under the rib. The educator seemed concerned about this and spoke to me on 2 different occasions to get me to speak to my doctor about it. Despite the fact I've told I still have lots of movement, easily more than 10 in an hour if I consciously think about it and I often feel the baby hiccupping.

    Has anyone experienced this same type of movement in the last trimester. i read "what to expect..." and it mentioned that this is normal as there is less room for bub to move about in. But I wonder why the educator was so concerned?

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    Custardtart Guest

    That sounds perfectly normal to me - I've no idea why she would be concerned.


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    Jul 2004

    Yep totally normal. Like you read in the book, baby has less room to move so you still get the same amount of movements, they just aren't as quick or like kicks as such, but more pushing, like you described. You have no reason to worry unless the amount of movements decrease a lot.

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    Jun 2003

    I agree sounds pretty normal, but just in case I would see your GP anyway. Try not to worry though (easier said than done I know!)


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    May 2004

    I never get 10 movements in an hour should i be worried ?

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    May 2004

    Shannon thanks for the advive you have not freaked me out. I have not felt much with this pregnancy anyway so i have learnt not to be to much of a stress head. I did feel lots yesterday so maybe i will feel more again today.
    It is hard to sit still a feel them with kimberley aorund but i find if i shout at her or she makes a loud sound baby moves then also.

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    Aussie_Chik Guest

    Hi All, thanks for your ressurances.

    I find that most of the bigger movements are from the feet getting under my ribs or perhaps a knee pushing out, and the faster, smaller movements are the arms and hands and of course hiccups.

    Sometimes I wonder whether I'm feeling Braxton Hicks when I feel certain movement in the top half of my belly as I can feel a hardening in that area for a period of time - but if I envisage what's happening I think it's actually baby pushing outwards with legs or feet. It's not a rapid movement just like a push outwards and if I feel it with my hands I'm sure I can feel harder and softer surfaces around that area. Any thoughts out there?

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    Aug 2004

    aussie chik, no joke, i have exactly the same movement patterns as you, and it is normal. i dont get kicks and punches so much anymore, just a tonne of squirms squirms, and hiccups, and the occasional big set of spasms when I think he cracks it becuase he is trying to move around, and doesnt have any room, and he just goes nuts for a few seconds. i get like a wave too when a limb moves from one side of my belly to the other, looks like something out of alien

    He gets the hiccups constantly and down really low, and little sorrta tickles down really really low which i think are his hands. i also get the hardening and it is braxton hicks, i have been having them regularly for a few months, they are quite uncomfortable.

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    Aussie_Chik Guest

    I am still going to mention it to my doctor but I feel a bit angry with the ante-natal educator as she has made me worry about it constatntly since speaking with me. I wasn't raising a concern at the time I just thought I'd add my thoughts as to the change in movements in the last trimester and she totally turned it into a problem that I might be experiencing. At least discussing it here has relieved my anxiety somewhat. Thanks you guys!

    I'll keep you informed with what the doctor says on Wednesday. I feel confident there isn't anyhting to be concerned about - in fact I just felt bubs push out on my upper half and then saw it contract, feel sure it was the feet.

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    Aug 2004
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    All I`ve been getting for weeks now is pushing movements with his bottom, knees, feet, tickling sensations down quite low which are his hands and lots of hicups, he gets them constantly. My OB`s midwife, told me a few weeks back to make sure I get 10 really good movements in 24 hours, no problem here it`s like 100 in 5 minutes LOL.

    I`ve been getting BH`s since 24 weeks, my belly hardens, now and again I`m getting painfull ones but I expect that as I`m approaching full term.

    Mention it all to your Dr.

    Take Care


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    Nov 2003

    I've been getting similar movements as well. Still getting some kicks up in my ribs but mainly pushing/pressure as he squirms around in there, sometimes a foot/elbow/knee poking out. Sometimes I get a bulge/hardening happening in one part of my belly and I think it's him sticking his bum out or something LOL. I think I've just started getting what are BH and it's a bit different for me, my tummy goes hard and it's a bit like period pains.

    The midwives I've seen have never said anything about 10 movements in one hour... they've said as long as I feel 10 movements in a day then things are okay?!?

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    May 2004

    I don't get BH also i did for a short while at about 20 weeks but nothing since.

    Some of the movements i get now hurt and make me feel sick. I'm getting alot right above my belly button.

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    Aug 2004

    My BH's quietened down from about 30 weeks til about 36 weeks I spose?? Then they started up in full swing again!! Nowadays I sit around with a rock hard gut for most of the day - specially if I am doing anything interesting. Liek walking at the mo - it can stay hard for about 1hr with absolutely no relief.
    Its not uncomfy so much as it just means I cant bend over.... LOL!


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    Custardtart Guest

    LOL, Shannon, you WANT BH? I can't stop remembering what a pain they were last time - I was singing at the time, and had to stop lessons in the third trimester because every time I braced my diaphragm to support a note I got a contraction! My poor singing teacher was this single girl aged 25, and when I stopped in the middle of a class and started laughing and explained that I couldn't sing any more because of contractions, her eyes practically popped out of her head and she asked if she should be calling for an ambulance.
    That made me laugh harder, of course, so when I had breath I told her about BH - she hadn't heard of them.