thread: Baby's Engaged

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    Sep 2008

    Baby's Engaged

    I had an OB appt today and my lovely OB advised that the baby has engaged and its unlikely I'd make it all the way to my due date (May 18) - am currently 35w1d

    Curious as to how long others have gone once baby is engaged - eg when was bubs born?

    From what I understand baby can engage weeks before labour - so hoping bubs stays put for a while yet - anyone else been at this point or earlier and when was bubs born compared to when they engaged

    Apparantly first Babies engage earlier?


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    Feb 2007

    My DS#2 was engaged at 36 weeks and I was told he'd probably come early too. He arrived at 40+5 weeks! So it doesn't necessarily mean he'll come early, but at least he is out from under your ribs LOL!

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    Mar 2009

    My bub was engaged from my 35w appt (think it was 35w3d) and arrived at 38w exactly so could be a few weeks yet! Hope your little one stays put a bit longer

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    Feb 2006

    i was engaged at 33 weeks, i went to 40+3!!

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    Dec 2006
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    i'm in a similar position at 33 +2 - Ob didn't seem bothered at all by it.

    was talking to a friend the other day who was engaged from 32 weeks (ish) and her DD was 11 days late.

    i think first babies just tend to (from what i've read) engage a bit earlier. i'm not whinging - this kid is VERY active and having the pressure OFF my ribs isn't a bad thing!

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    Feb 2009

    Angie engaged at about 36wks, didnt grace us with her presence until 42 weeks.

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    Jul 2008
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    With my first she turned & dropped, engaged, at 7 months and she was induced on the day she was due. Walked around 5cm dilated for a week or so and no BH's
    2nd DD engaged early also and was 2 weeks early.

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    Feb 2008
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    Both bub's didnt actually engage until i went into labour!!!
    sorry no help here!!

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    Jan 2009
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    i would ignore your OBs comment..
    bubs will come when its ready
    and i know how it feels to get to 42 weeks when told i wouldnt make it to 38...

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    Nov 2006

    No#1 was 1/5th engaged at 28weeks and didn't move from there. I was a bit worried but at my 34wks appt she was still 1/5 engaged.

    She came the next week. I am not actually sure that she was fully engaged on labour day and judging from her bruised head (covered the whole top of her head) she may have travelled a fair way that day.