I am posting this here because IRL I am playing down EDD and avoiding any pressure to birth by a certain date. I am 38 weeks although I have always though this baby won't come until late May. So, the last few days I've had some lower back muscle discomfort which feels like period pain. I've also been awoken by someone I assume, stretching my cervix (how I imagine that feels).

This is my second but I didn't have any practice contractions until the actual birth day. First baby was slightly OP. Also +10 days. Which is common for OP babies apparently.

This Thursday, baby was straight OP - spine against spine. I have spent quite a bit of time in my knees and elbows to help baby with some natural gravity. I am wondering if the back pain is an indication this child may be closer to dates than our first. I am not anxious just interested in views or comments from other mums.