thread: Back Pain- HELP!

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    Mar 2008

    Back Pain- HELP!

    Hi- I am currently 31 weeks with my first baby and am experiencing terrible upper back pain, which radiates all the way across my ribs and under my breasts. It is making it very difficult to sit at work and even at home and I find that lying down is the only thing that helps... Is anyone else experiencing the same issue and if yes, what are you doing about it? Are there any stretches/ exercises etc that can be done to help?

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    Mar 2008
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    I get terrible pain exactly where you mention when baby/uterus/body part is way up in my ribs.

    It feels like you've broken a rib, doesn't it!

    NOT sitting worked well for me...I walk around work every couple of hours.

    Another good one is stand in a doorway and reach your arms all the way up and try to touch/hang onto the top of the door.

    OR a midwife suggested one - get on all fours on the floor and rock back and forwards.

    After 10-15 minutes of walking it starts to drop down for me and the pain is less.

    Apart from that, all I can offer is Panadol, which I have had to turn to.

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    Oct 2008

    Have you tried getting a pregnancy massage?

    I have been experiencing some lower back pain and at my sides and the only thing that helps is when I sit up really upright with good posture or lay down. I am going to get a pregnancy massage though and am hoping this will help relieve some tightness and stress in my body.

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    Nov 2008

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    I also have experienced the same back pain as you have described. It is like by my bra line and there is absolutly no way to sit down comfortably. One day it hurt so bad that I started feeling tightening braxton hicks. I decided to go in just in case because I am at risk for preterm labor. They ran the normal tests and baby was fine. The nurse said sometimes pregnant women can have a disk pop out during pregnancy in your back. there is really nothing we can do but feel like crap. So my sympathy goes out to you too.