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    I have quite painful back rib pain. I dont think massage will help as I think its the baby pushing up there- her back is definately along the right hand side and head down so bum around right hand side ribs (Dr confirmed).

    I move into every position position yet it is still a really strong dull ache in the back of my ribs.

    I think I might take a pillow to work tomorrow for my chair to try and get comfy but any other ideas?

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    Yeah I hated that pain. Its hard to sit at your desk at work cos of the constant pain. I found though that it would only last a day and the next day something must have shifted and everything is fine.

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    I have that pain too but mainly at the front. I have to really watch my posture and also use a heat pack which helps.

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    it seems to start after lunch and continue throughout the afternoon so maybe it is sitting that causes it.

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