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    Bad Back

    Hi, I am just wondering if anyone has given birth with an extremely bad back. I've always had a bad back and it has gotten worse over the last few weeks. It's not to do with pregnancy (although the softened ligaments aren't helping), but I know how painful it is during a period and Im worried about giving birth. I have a squashed vertabrae at the bottom of my spine, and my hips are out (legs are 10mm different in length). Just wondering if anyone has been through this, and if they had to have an epidural or if they were ok?
    thanks xo

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    I have a prolapsed disc in my spine and tried to avoid an epidural at all costs, because I was convinced that giving birth to my girls while lying on my back contributed to the injury. For this birth I prepared by doing pilates and core-muscle exercises throughout the pregnancy, and by choosing a birthing position that didn't involve putting pressure on the back.
    Of course, the best laid plans go astray and I ended up needing an emergency c-section, but my back isn't any worse now than it was before, at least!


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    I have a bad back too, totally unrelated to PG/Birth. I had a lot of pain in my back during labour but I didn't find it any worse post-birth etc (although I too had an emergency c/s).

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    i would talk to your dr/OB about it. someone who knows your injury specifically, just in case you are better off not to have a natural birth (ie - a c/section instead). in the long run you are better off keeping as healthy as you can and not causing any long term harm. i hope it doesnt give you too much trouble.


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    Hey webbmeg, just wondering if you have checked out the website in our Directory, Bad Backs. It has a section dedicated to Pregnancy with lots of pregnancy supports and pillows. I know how awful it is with back issues - I was in agony with Marisa and was pretty much housebound after an attempt to go shopping one day where I couldn't move and was bawling. I wish I had known about what was around to help at the time, the GP didn't suggest anything.

    None the less I laboured fine, there might be some positions better for you than others. Chat to your Ob though, as only she/he will have the best idea of any pre-existing injuries or conditions you might have.
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    webmeg - i have an extremely bad back as a result of being in a bus accident when i was younger. It was my spinal specialist who recommended that I have a c-section and my OB was happy with that.

    Its probably best you bring it up with you Dr because he will be able to give you all the options available to you which are suitable to the kind of injury you have.

    I would have loved to try natural birth but sadly because of previous spinal cord damage I had (and guess still have because it doesnt really go away) there was a risk of further damage. ahhh its so complicated sometimes!!

    Good luck with it all - i hope the pain isnt so bad for you. I thankfully have been pretty luck to date. Only a few days of pain in 20 weeks which is good for me!