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Thread: Bad period pain/back ache????

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    Default Bad period pain/back ache????

    Ok so off and on over the last week I have been getting what reminds me of really bad period pain. At first I wasnt worried but it happened again this morning and it seems to radiate from my lower back to my hoo-hoo. Im sure its probably just Jett contorting himself into weird positions or engaging early but I wonder if I should mention it to my OB on thursday?
    Im paranoid about going into early labour lately, I dont know what contractions feel like.....

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    Hi Anna
    The pain could be a number of things:-
    Braxton Hicks - Cramp like pain often in your lower tummy and/or hoo-hoo also often occurs in your lower back.

    A hormone called relaxin - Causes all the joints of your body to become loose. Often causes pain in your pubic bone and tail bone.

    Baby moving and playing with your nerves - This can cause pain anywhere in your lower body. Can often feel like electric shocks

    Hope this helps you

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    LMAO Alan - I can't believe a midwife said hoo-hoo when giving advice!!!!!

    Anna - all of what Alan said above, but of course mention it to your OB. They will record it in your file just in case anything develops, and its so important to let your medical provider know whats going on with your health. Here's hopign they are the lovely BH ! They sound like they are doing a great job getting your body all ripe and ready for labour in no sooner than 10 weeks! (All things going well )

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    Here's hoping it's just BH Anna. Sorry to hear that you are having so much pain. Just keep an eye on the timings and for any kind of discharge etc. If you have any concerns though give your hospital a call, they are usually pretty good at helping with these things.


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    I often get period type pains too Anna,specially when getting braxton hicks. I agree that the baby does move in funny positions and plays with the nerves,My baby is non stop with moving and now because the movment is restricted as the baby runs out of space to move,so it isnt so much kicks anymore but stretching.

    The groin pain is unbearable in the mornings where im carrying low anyway.But as for worrying about going into labour,by all means if you are worried then phone your labour ward and ask for advice if it puts your mind at ease,but if you havent had a show or it isnt too painful,then chances are your just having strong braxton hicks in preperation for the real thing.You will know when you are in proper labour believe me
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