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Thread: Being induced early?

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    Default Being induced early?

    Hi girls,

    I have not done many posts so here goes the 2nd one I think.

    I am 38 weeks pregnant and I am only a small build. At the last app with my Ob he mentioned inducing me in week 39. I have allread been checked out my the widwife at the hospital about a week ago and she said my cervix had thinned so labour would not be far off, well that was over a week ago.

    I have been getting full on Braxton Hicks and pain in the nanny and pelvis area. My Ob wants to induce me as he is worried the baby is going to be really big and is prediciting an 8lb baby. I am only about 5ft4 and small petite build. My hubbie is 6ft5 so I think that is the concern.

    Anyway I have been reading stories about people being induced and I am not sure if I should go ahead with it or not?

    I was thinking about having the strech and sweep? but I may be past that? as my cervix is thinned allready?

    I see my Ob Tomorrow at about lunch time so I would really like some thoughts on the matter please.


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    I'm a small build and only 5ft2, but i birthed my daughter at 9lb 7oz. So it's not impossible. So before making the desicion, i would definatly get a second opinion. You don't want to bring bub into the world earlier then s/he is ready to unless absolutely nessesary.

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    Get a second opinion, and do lots of research before making a decision..

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    Agree with both of the above. Here is some more info:

    Lots of smaller women get pressure to induce, especially when they have taller partners. Women of all shapes and sizes have the ability to birth normally and I know of babies being born at 10-11lbs without even a tear in sight. Read up on active birth, read 'New Active Birth' by Janet Balaskas and it tells you great info like how you can get 30% more space in your pelvis simply by the position you birth in. It should be the pregnancy / birth bible!

    All the best!
    Kelly xx

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    Thanks girls,

    I have been doing research and I am really not sure about it, so I thought I would ask here.

    I have read some good stories on another fourm and I was thinking about going ahead with it. But I really want a suprise of when the baby is going to come.

    I will talk to my Ob tomorrow and maybe put it off another week. My Ob did also say it was upto me and has just given me the option so I am thinking about it lots.

    Tegan, did you get any tears at all delvierying a baby that big? or the cut or anything?

    mizzsocial, I have been doing lots of reading on the internet and on other forums and trying to do as much research as I can.

    BB, I will read that link. And I agree that I am being pressured due to my size and tall husband. But in the end at least my Ob is open to me saying no which is great I think.


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    Yes i had a 2nd degree tear but that was due to the doctor sticking his hand up there to pull DD out because her shoulder got stuck.

    You should also read up a lot on different positions during the pushing stage, as Kelly mentioned. For me i birthed DD on my back because the doctor used vaccum extraction, due to me being exausted. Which is apparently the worst position to be in. It is better to birth in a standing/squating position, to open up your pelvis more and to let gravity help aswell.

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