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    HI, i am 5 foot 9. so quite tall, but my belly seems small compared to others who are 32weeks, i know all is ok, as fundus measuring ok at obs appt on monday, but u see others who are the same time as me, and they are huge, anyone else feel like this... but hey i have certainly put on the weight.. so maybe i am bigger then what i think i look.. maybe need to have another good look side on

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    skorpy Guest


    Everyone is different and your height is a main reason for looking small...also dont forget the fact that alot of woman carry more fluid then others,so its not always what size the baby is.

    I on the other hand am very big for what weeks i am.I went for my usual checkup few days ago and there were 2 woman there who were due in a few weeks and i was nearly the same size as them,i am 30 weeks. My last baby weighed in at 8lb 14oz,but I also had gestational diabetes and have been tested again and waiting for the results but it looks like im having another big baby where as my first pregnancy he weighed only 6lb 10oz. When people ask me when im due and i tell them September they are gobsmacked thinking ill say in a few weeks.And there is my sister who had 4 children all at 5lb odd.

    So dont worry about how big or small you are,the size you look can be decieving,you also have time to balloon yet and usually do after 7 months

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    It is probably because you are tall so you are carrying out the back not the front which will make you look smaller. Me on the other hand, i'm only 5foot2 and i carry all out front because its the only place baby can grow because im so short. I look as if i am about 35 weeks not 28 weeks. I have only put on about 3kgs also, so i'm definatly all baby. I would try not to worry.

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    skyelar Guest


    Yep I feel like that too!! My tummy isn't as big as it was with my DD who is 2.5yrs old. I have been worried about it & asked my Ob but all seems fine...I guess every pg tummy is different. I am 166cms.
    Enjoy your pregnancy & your small bump!!

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    xox_jessie_xox Guest


    ah i dont have much of a belly at all =[=[

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    I'm about 5 foot 8. I haven't got a huge belly happening yet. I am messuring 2 cm behind but I always was behind with the first 2 as well. I just have a long torso & more room for baby to stretch out.
    I have put on about 8kgs this pg but I am happy to say I am looking so much better with this pg then I did with my second, I got really fat!

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