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Thread: belly pains... (be warned maybe tmi)

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    xox_jessie_xox Guest

    Default belly pains... (be warned maybe tmi)

    so last night i kept waking up with really bad cramps like i needed to go to the toilet (but when i did go i didnt need to)... then today the pains are still there but they are making me throw up its like if i dont eat the pains are worse and i throw up... but if i do eat i still end up throwing up!.... the pains just wont go away =[ has anyone else had this? or might know what is causing it??

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    skorpy Guest


    Are the pains constant,or do you get breaks inbetween. And are you getting belly hardnings with them?

    Im wondering if its your baby moving down

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    Well, you are 38 weeks...could it be contractions of some sort? (I wouldn't know, I've felt nothing )

    Skorpy asks some good questions..if they are spaced out, how far apart are they? Could you call your hospital and see what they think?
    And good on you for still eating, just in case it is labour, and then you might want the energy. If you can keep anything down at all...

    Well, I don't know exactly how you're feeling or what's going on, but if that was happening to me, I'd be calling my birth centre and seeing what they thought.
    All the best!

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    I would also like to ask exactly where the pains are and how often they last.

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    xox_jessie_xox Guest


    hey everyone! we had our weekly check up today and doc has said its prob a urine infection and asked me to take a urine test but for once in my life i couldnt pee =[ so i gotta take a sample back in the morning

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