thread: Big belly!

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    Mar 2004
    Wales, UK

    Big belly!

    My belly has now grown too much for me to get my socks on properly in the morning. Has anyone else found this?? What do you do when you get so much bigger?


    What else gets harder as your bump grows?

    Love Gwen xx

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    Jan 2005

    Hi Gwen,

    Yes, i had the same problem with my first pregnancy. I used to sit on the edge of the bed and put my socks on.
    What else gets harder? I found the following things a tad harder as i got bigger.
    *Shaving and
    *Cutting toe nails.

    Take care Leah

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    mmmmm I found picking anything up off the ground, just the bending over thing...

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Walking up stairs is also hard cause our belly can get in the way of your knees!

    Getting in and out of the car as well... (especially getting out!)

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    Mar 2004
    Wales, UK

    Goodness, these are all things I had never thought about before!!!

    I think I will have to get DP to help me get my socks on as I get bigger! 8-[

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    Feb 2004

    Defintately cutting your toenails & shaving!

    I find getting up off the lounge can be hard sometimes & also getting out of bed - I can't just sit straight up, I have to sort of roll out of bed LOL

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    Aug 2004

    i am having this problem big time. getting out of bed is the hardest, and i cant bend over, i have to bend at the knees if i want to pick something up.

    i am also having a really hard time holding, picking up and feeding my 4month old nephew which is killing me because i love him to death!

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    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    Oh girls - I hear ya!

    I just managed to clip my toenails last week...but I felt like a contortionist.

    Get up off the couch is tricky, as is washing my feet properly, or getting in and out of the bath (and getting comfy whilst in there).

    I like to sit cross-legged where I can - including in my work chair in front of the computer. My colleagues are teasing me that I won't be able to do that for much longer.... O

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    May 2004

    Getting out of bed, off the sofa, picking things up, walking i find my belly goes hard and heavy.

    Just about still shave my legs not sure for how long and can only it if i am in the bath.

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    Jul 2004

    - Shaving
    - Cutting toe nails
    - Putting on shoes and socks
    - Getting up off the lounge or ground
    - Getting out of bed
    - Driving
    - Bending down to pick something up
    - Walking up and down stairs, especially down coz i couldn't see the steps

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    Nov 2003

    Stepping into my jeans (or any pants for that matter LOL).

    Rolling over in bed.

    Cleaning the bath! Anything that involves bending over really.

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    Aug 2004

    he weighed 15kgs and he was under 2?!?!