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Thread: birth plan??

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    Default birth plan??

    hello everyone has anyone consitered using a birth plan or have they got one?? i will post mine here so maybe you can give me some ideas on what you think needs to be improved or if it sounds ok. i defintly want one this tim ei want to be in controll and want the midwife to know what i want so here it is . please give me some feed back positive or negative . thankyou

    Birth Plan
    Mother: ...............
    Father: .................
    Due Date: 23 rd Feb. 2007
    * I wish to only have my partner ............ present at the birth
    *I would prefer no student nurses/midwifes/doctors be present at any time.
    labour Induction:
    * I would like to be induced on my due date for I do not want to go over due
    * I am willing to try any method for inducing labour
    Once I am admitted, Id like:
    * Have my partner to be allowed to stay with me at all times.
    * To walk and move around as I choose.
    * To have the baby monitored consistently and at all times it is able
    * When it is time to push , Id like to be coached on when to push and for how long.
    * I would like to try pushing in whatever position feels right at the time.
    * I would not like my baby to go through a long stressful pushing stage, if not progressing I would like to be cut or have a c section
    * Placenta Delivery - I would like an assisted placenta delivery
    Pain relief
    I would like to try the following pain management techniques:
    Please do not offer me pain medication . I will request it if I need it.
    * Bath/ Shower
    * Breathing Techniques/distraction
    * Massage
    * Unless absolutely necessary, I would like to have a natural, drug free birth. If I am not coping with the pain, I would like to have the option of pain medications.
    Vaginal Birth:
    * I would like the room to be as quiet as possible or music to be played at my request
    *After Birth I would like to breast feed as soon as possible
    * My partner to cut the umbilical cord.
    * I would like to hold the baby in the delivery room immediately after birth
    * I would like me or the father to be present with the baby at all times
    * If I have a c-section I would like my partner present at all times.
    * I would like to be awake for the babys birth, if possible.
    * for the baby to be handed to my partner if baby is in good health.
    After the Birth:
    * After delivery Id like all newborn procedures to take place in mine or partners presence.
    * I would like my partner to stay with the baby at all times if I cant be there.
    * I plan to breast feed exclusively
    * Please do not offer anything to my baby at any point ( for example - formula,
    sugar water, pacifier) with out my consent
    * I would like to be discharged as soon as possible as long as I and baby are in good health

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    I think that is a good birth plan. I read your post about your previous child's birth, and I can sympathise with your desire to not push for a prolonged period and your willingness to have a caeserean section if your pushing stage is prolonged. The one piece of advice I can offer you is that, by insisting on being allowed to push in the position that feels right for you, you will be doing the very best to allow for your baby to be born as quickly as possible. There is lots of information about positions that allow for gravity-assisted pushing - positions such as supported squatting and being on all-fours open the pelvic brim right up and give the baby's head lots of room to come down, and the fact that you are pushing the baby downhill, towards the ground, rather than lying down and pushing uphill, will help the baby be born quicker and with less stress.

    After reading your birth story, I can also understand your desire for constant monitoring. The only thing to be aware of is that constant monitoring can sometimes limit your mobility, and mobility is great for a short pushing stage. Don't be afraid to ask for the monitor unpluggedto move around or change positions when you feel the need to, even if you are plugging it straight back in.

    Something else you might like to look into is delayed clamping of the card - you can search for info in this on the internet. This involves waiting for the cord to stop beating before it is cut. There is some evidence that this reduces the risk of hypoxia because your placenta will continue to supply the baby with oxygen for some minutes after he or she is born. You need to ask specifically for this, though, as most hospitals routinely inject you with syntocinon to prevent bleeding. If you want to do delayed cord clamping, they have to wait until the cord has stopped beating, clamp it, and THEN give you the syntocinon, if you want it.

    I wish you all the best for your birth.

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    Awwww Michael, you are just the best. What great advice

    Levismum, I am no expert on birth plans, but I do think you have made your wishes very clear in that plan. I wish you all the best with your birth, and that it all goes the way YOU want it to.

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    Thanks for adding your birth plan. I've just been writing mine and you have made a few points that i'd neglected. The way you have set it out is also nice and clear. I'll be off to make some changes to my own now

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    My birth plan looks like a mess compared to that one. Mine's all based on hear say, and what I think may or may not happen.

    Levi'smum it is great to see someone's birth plan so I can get an idea on what they are supposed to look like. Michael, you have also made some great suggestions. Right!! Back to the drawing board.

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    I think that is a great birth plan, you make it very clear about what you do and don't want, which is very important I think. As I am a first time Mum, I wouldn't have thought of half those things! the only thing I have really mentioned to family is that I really don't want to have my photo's taken whilst I am in a hospital bed in my jim jams! I can't stand photo's at the best of times.... LOL

    Just wondering if a birth plan is a normal part of pregnancy? in saying that I mean my OB hasn't mentioned it to me, I would like to have one after reading yours, but i don't know how to bring it up with my OB without offending him if you know what I mean?

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    I think its great too! Am in the process of researching and writing my own but was wondering when to give it to the hospital??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babushka Doll View Post
    Just wondering if a birth plan is a normal part of pregnancy? in saying that I mean my OB hasn't mentioned it to me, I would like to have one after reading yours, but i don't know how to bring it up with my OB without offending him if you know what I mean?

    Birth plans are a part of a normal hospital birth. Because hospitals see many, many women, and there is no guarantee that you will know the midwife at your birth, a birth plan is something that you can write and have included in your notes to make the midwife who is looking after you aware of the type of birth you want.

    Don't be afraid to offend your OB. Just tell him you are going to write a birth plan and include a copy of it in your hospital notes. He may not be particularly concerned because, depending on whether you are in the public or private hospital system, he will probably only be involved in the final stages of your birth, if at all. He should still be aware of your desires for your birth, though.

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    Thanx for the info Shmickers! Will get started on one right away, just hope that when the day comes, the nurses/midwives bother to look at my plan!

    We will be in a public hospital with our own OB, so I suppose that it would apply to me.

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    Is It Worth Writing A Birth Plan? Includes a downloadable birth plan sample.
    Kelly xx

    Creator of, doula, writer and mother of three amazing children

    BellyBelly Birth & Early Parenting Immersion - Find out how to have a BETTER, more confident birth experience... guaranteed!
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    This is a great thread! I had no idea how to write one!! thanks so much for posting yours!!

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    I have a couple of birth plan examples. I stole them from somewhere If anyone wants a copy I can email them to you

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    Birth plans are great for birthing mothers and their partners to let us midwives know what they would like to happen during their birthing experience. Please keep it in the back of your mind that things don't always go according to plan and the midwives and doctors may not be able to met everything on your list for medical reasons and/or emergencies. Speaking professionally we (midwives) do our absolute best to ensure that we do everything you want for YOUR birthing experiences but sometimes circumstances do prevent us.
    Most definetely have a birth plan, they are a wonderful tool, but also keep an open mind so that you are not disappointed or shattered if your birth does not go according to your birth plan.
    I've got mine started too but it still needs some fine tuning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan View Post
    I have a couple of birth plan examples. I stole them from somewhere If anyone wants a copy I can email them to you
    Hi Alan, can you please email me those? (I know, I should have done one by now... I'm a little too relaxed about this I think...) My email is natashadATinternodeDOTonDOTnet



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