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Thread: Birthing/gym ball question

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    Ok, this might be a stupid question but for a few months now i have been using a gym ball for a computer chair, as i found this eliminates the back pain i used to get with sitting at the computer. Anyway, what i want to know is, should i really be using a gym ball for a chair??

    I mean, the instructions tell you to use it 20 minutes a day. I am now 38 weeks PG, and so far have had no problems with back pain, bubs is engaged, and everything seems fine.. Does anyone know if doing this is actually benefiting me??? or shouldnt i be sitting on the ball for long periods of time? :-k

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    Hi kaydee84

    I dont know if it is doing you any good but it will not do you any harm. So if you are comfortable then there is no problem.

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    My midwife has said they are great, as long as you dont bounce on them because this could assist in turning the baby posterior apparently? 8-[

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    Anything that can help back ache in late pg has got to be good. I'd keep using it if you feel comfortable on it still.

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    In my old work they had an ergonomic engineer (really not sure what that is) and he told two sales people who used them all day that it wasn't good. It meant your body was kinda working all day rather than the recommend 20-40 minutes a day.

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    I noticed some companies have them for their workers to sit on (eg: flight centre). they are so comfy! Im not at the computer all day, only for an hour or so every now and again throughout the day, so im sure its not a problem. But I do hate sittting on normal chairs now!

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