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Thread: bladder leak!

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    Default bladder leak!

    uh oh! i thought this didnt happen till after u have a baby! i sneezed the other day while driving, and i had a little leak.. how uncomfortable!

    is this a pg thing? i do pelvic floor exercises everyday (i do forget on occasions.. i try to remember to do it while im driving! other wise i'd never do them!)

    is this now somethign i have to look forward to for the future? or was it maybe a once off!!

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    I never had any leaks in my first pregnancy but during this one I've had a couple when I've sneezed with a full bladder. During pregnancy the weight of your baby puts alot of stress on your pelvic floor muscles so you're more likely to have the occasional leak.
    I geuss you can look at it as a little warning to keep up the pelvic floor excercises (perhaps increase them) - maybe have a chat with your midwife to make sure that you're doing them properly.
    You might want to invest in some thin pads just in case of any further accidents. I've also learnt not to hold on - if I need to go I don't put it off.

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    Hi Rachy

    It is not uncommon for you to hve a leak. When you sneeze you build up a lot of presure inside your body. If your baby is close to your bladder the pressure and the force of the sneeze can push your baby onto your blader squashing it and cauing a leak.

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