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    sorry if this is TMI i just had a weird Q
    lastnight i work up BUSTING to go to the loo as in it hurt me to walk there anyway when i sat nothing happened i sat for a good 10 mins and must have peed about 10 ml and it was very painfull not like a UTI like there was something blocking the way out ? everything seemes fine this morning though thankfully! do you think this could have been where bub was lying ? had anybody else experienced this ?

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    Hmmmm - I get this now, but then I definitly have a babies head that sometimes pops right on my bladder. Last pregnancy I remember having to wee, then stand up and sit again to wee a little more!! It seemed to move babies head.
    You are pretty early to have baby parts pushing really hard on your bladder, but its possible I spose. Would be worth mentioning it next appt, or if you get any other symptoms of UTI I'd be in there asap.


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    hmm I don't know - if everything is fine this morning it probably was the baby pushing on your bladder. Did you know the baldder is a very silly organ that doesn't know if the pressure it feels is from the outside (ie the baby pushing) or from the inside (from your pee)! Though I guess if your sole purpose is just to hold pee you wouldn't need to be too smart!

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    Yep, I've had similar odd bladder things happen.
    Sometimes it happens just after I've been to the loo if I've been holding on too long (like while sleeping) and it hurts to walk to the loo and is then painfull as my bladder empties. For me it feels like a cramp in my pelvic floor muscles or something but goes away in a minute or two.
    I've not had a problem with nothing happening when I'm sitting there, but it all seems to happen slower than pre-preggo. Bubs position does make a difference too.
    But I agree with the other girls, if you have any UTI symptoms it would be worth getting checked out. JIC

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    I have had this as is so annoying to stumble your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night and then to sit there and nothing comes out!! I find if I stand up and sit down a couple of times it helps the process - either that or go back to bed, have a drink of water and do the same thing all over again in 5 mins time!

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