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Thread: Bloody show?

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    Default Bloody show?

    Hi, i am 39weeks tomorrow the baby has been engaged since 35weeks, obs said to me on monday that bubs will defi(even thought they dont know for sure, its only guesswork) be here before due date.

    I have not had the bloody show as yet, does everyone notice it, or can it come just as labour is to commence

    Last night i had the worst back pain, real low, i was sure labour wsa about to begin, and i had the pre menstrual cramping which u get before AF comes, but today i feel ok, i am just getting so excited, but wonder when i may get the show????

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    beastie Guest


    maggie, would you explain me (i'm german) what bloody show means?
    i dont know that expression

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    It's frustrating when carers tell you they think you will go on a certain day or before a certain time, as no-one can really predict when baby will decide he/she is ready. Some people told they will go well before their estimated date end up being two weeks post-estimated date. It only builds anxiety and then disappointment when it doesn't happen. Just a personal thing, but I think it can also result in a higher likelyhood of accepting inductions because mum feels deflated / family gets anxious too.
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    I had a show in labour with my DD, I had a little blood stained CM the other day but nothing since...all the best for your labour!

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    My doc told me that Gemma would arrive early, she was 1 week overdue and I was induced!!LOL! You may not get a bloody show at all. I remember waking up in the middle of the night with back pain and period pain thinking labour was going to start but it just never kicked over. I did however lose my mucous plug gradually over the last week or so. But no blood.

    I hope its a sign for you that labour is about to start though!!

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    I too was told with both my giorls that I couldnt possibly carry to term, I was so BIG, my skin was so tight & I am short & was finding it hard to breathe coz of bubs...
    My OB said I would go early, with Maddison my waters broke & I had a slow leak about 5 days past her due date & due to her becoming distressed I was induced at 7 days past her due date!
    I was exactly the same with Indah EVERYONE said this bub would be early, bang on a week after her due date she was born, I didnt lose any plug or have any show, just small contracttions all day 3 mins apart constantly & they gradually got stronger!!!

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    I havent had the show yet either and im due tomorrow! I had similar pains 2 afternoons ago and still nothing.. it feels like bubs is down really far at the moment as i cant sit up straight without having a little back and pelvic pain.. very uncomfortable but yeh.. i havent had a show yet.. despite trying all the things to get labour moving

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    Maggie, I never had a show or waters leak or anything with DS. The first labour sign I had was contractions 8 minutes apart (which I thought weren't contractions as I had no other signs). 7 1/2 hours later DS was born 2 days overdue. So don't worry about the lack of show, it doesn't mean anything. You are 39 weeks so even if bubs doesn't make the due date, it can't be too long to go now. Good luck,

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