thread: Blurry vision?

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    Blurry vision?

    I had a really crappy night's sleep last night and feel foul this morning. My eyes don't seem to be working properly today - i'm having trouble focusing on my computer screen on and off. I thought I had a bit of yuck in my eyes, but it the blurriness comes and goes when I blink or rub them. Mostly it's like I've suddenly developed severe short sightedness!

    I had my blood pressure taken the other day and it was fine - 130/85.

    Would you be concerned?

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    Jul 2008

    I've had trouble with my eyes all this pregnancy, but it's been gradual changes, not that sudden. Making sure my eyes don't get too dry helps.

    I'd try using some lubricating eyedrops, one of the ones with no preservatives or anything in them, that you twist off the little plastic cap and use each dose just once.

    If better lubrication doesn't work, I'd call the doctor. Such a sudden change might be indicative of something more serious.

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    having the bottom number in your BP over 80 can be indicitive of high BP issues so i would be getting your care provider to check you out - blurred vision all of a sudden isn't a great thing. it's possible your eyes are fatigued, but you need to get checked out - better to be safe than sorry...

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    Yep - Get Checked!!! Better to be a pain for your dr or MW than to have something get missed that affects things significantly.

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    I agree tmtm I think it's best to get is it going now?