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Thread: Bowel Pain??

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    Default Bowel Pain??

    Hi all,

    I only have a week til bubba is due (!!) and I have been getting some strange pains...

    Yesterday, I had what I think was a show - jelly like mucous with a tint of blood, a few times during the day. The last few nights before I was also having a lot of BH (and plenty since yesterday also!) I am also getting a lot of period like pain.

    But at antenatal classes tonight, and even now, when bub is moving around, I was getting pain that I really can only think of - is my bowel, and goes down to my rectum! (So sorry, TMI). It's a bit like some stabbing pains and feels really painful until I move around a bit..

    Has anyone else had this??


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    the bowel pain could be hemorroids?? i dunno though. i havent heard of that type of pain being associated with early labour, but i could be wrong.

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    Default Early labour symptoms?

    Thanks anyway, I have just returned from visiting the hospital.

    I woke up really early this morning with a lot of discharge and had to change my pad twice (sorry - again TMI). It was again tinted pink, but became very watery, and thought that perhaps my water had broken. I also used my bowels which was very loose, so thinking that that was what the pain was last night.

    Again, had a lot of period pain. So rang hospital and they said should come down to get it checked out, and about an hour and half later, they said that it wasn't my water that broke but that my cervix was slowly thinning out and was a show.

    Midwife thinks that I may possibly go into labour in the next few days.

    My Dr said the other day that even though I am due in a week, he thinks that I will be late. Now I don't know what to think!!

    Has anyone had similar symptoms to this and still didn't go into labour for a while, or was it close to labour?

    Any opinions would be appreciate.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Hmmmm apart from the mucus with tinted blood,i am getting the same symptoms but I am only 32 weeks + :eek:

    I am specially at night getting period type cramps with braxton hicks every few minutes and my belly gos rick hard.But baby is moving alot after it relaxes.Baby stops moving when your close to real labour dont they?

    I get slight lower back ache too with it.

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