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Thread: BP blues...warning - big moan!

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    Default BP blues...warning - big moan!

    Feeling blue now...

    Midwife came over yesterday to check me over, found i had high BP - my BP has been up all through this pregnancy. I have high essential BP anyway, with a diastolic rate of 84 at book-in (11weeks). On top of that i have white-coat hypertension so my blood pressure is all over the place whenever they try to take it. "Labile" they call it, which means it changes everytime they check. Midwife came back today but it was still up.

    Normally they let you go up 15 points diastolic before they worry, just because BP does go up a little during pregnancy... But because my measly 8 point rise means i'm over 90 diastolic i have to go in to the hospital antenatal clinic tomorrow! They want to take blood and check various levels of things. No doubt they'll take my BP which will be SKY-HIGH because that's white-coat hypertension for you...

    I am so blue about it. I can see my carefully planned homebirth being snatched away with no notice. I am due in 7 days, i just wish it would happen now so i could avoid it all! I do realise that a lot of you ladies have had real problems getting and staying PG and have spent hours and hours in hospitals and i have NOTHING to moan about really, but i am just a whinger today.

    I think my BP rise is real - like i mean i can imagine it really is 92 diastolic since i feel a bit tired and massive! But still. I could do without all this.

    Please send me masses of LV's for tonight/today - see if i can get bubs out before all this happens!


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    Sending you lots of labour vibes!!

    I hope everything works out the way you want!!

    Best wishes!

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