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    braxton hicks contractions

    I've been having these contractions and was wondering how to tell the difference between Braxton hicks and the real thing?

    Also wondering about pain relief during labour, i'm 18 and this is my first baby, so i have absolutley now idea about what i'm about to go through, or what i should do during a painful contraction, i would like to avoid an epidural if i can [-o< (don't like the idea of a big needle going into my spine) and just curious to know how other women dealt with pain during labour.

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    Jul 2004

    Hi jay-b. To tell if it's a real contraction or just braxton hicks, have a warm bath, and if they pain goes away then its not real coz with real ones nothing can stop them.

    On the pain relief, i'm also 18 and had my first baby last december. I had a pretty traumatic birth as my pelvis was too small for her and she was just too big so it was touch getting her out but i did it without an epidural and my doctor even said he was very surprised i did it without one. You can try the gas, it doesnt really take the pain away but sort of takes your mind off it, well it did for me, i was sucking on it like crazy and it just generaly relaxes you more. To cope with contractions it really is all about breathing. If you control your breathing your contractions are as bad because your uterus is relaxed and you arn't fighting against labor, but going with what your body is doing. You also feel a lot more in control if you're relaxed. I also had a shot of pethadine, which in my opinion, did nothing at all for me. But it's different for everyone i spose. I also didnt want an epidural and i hate needles, so i was full on set not to have one. The contractions were really intense but i just kept my cool and i got through it without one.

    I hope this helps you a bit. By the way, how far alone are you?

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    jay-b Guest

    I'm 32 weeks, no i agree, i'm not going to tell them i don't want one, i'll just say i'd like to avoid one if i can, but i may need one

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I was adamant bnot to have an epidural & I had gas that I don't think was on & then had am shot of Peth which worked perfectly for me... I had no sleep for 2 days due to waters breaking etc.... But contractions were opn & off, eventually on the second morning of no sleep they induced me & gave me peth, it wored wonders & I will definately not have a needle in my spine it freaks me too much!

    Just go with your body, is the best thing you can do, this is what we are built for & so just breathe & let your body do it's job!!!

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    Hi Jay-B

    You might want to check out the main BellyBelly Site for some info on how to go about a natural labour. Click Leaving Well Alone: A Natural Approach to the Third Stage of Labour and Pain in Labour: Your hormones are your helpers

    Goodluck with the impending birth