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Thread: Braxton Hicks moving to legs?????

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    Question Braxton Hicks moving to legs?????

    Just wondering if anyone out there has had their braxton hicks in the tops of their thighs aswell?
    Yesterday I had them all afternoon, not painful just super tight with an achy back and then I got one that was super, super tight and moved across the upper most top of my thighs, I almost couldnt walk it was that tight, but no pain.

    Is this normal or something different? Has anyone else experienced this?

    I must admit I was pretty sore last night felt like I had had my tummy kicked by a horse after all the braxton hicks.

    Many Thanks


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    I've had them going down my legs too but only when I over do it, like an all day shopping session, or too much housework in one day.

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    Thanks guys, at least I know I am not abnormal. Yes I had done quite a bit of walking around the supermarket with DH that afternoon, so maybe that's what triggered it. I havent had any in my legs since.


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